Chinmark: Nuella Not Dead – Marksman


News broke yesterday, that a partner of Ponzi scheme Chinmark known as Nuella had allegedly taken her own life due to the disappointment from the company.

I was alleged that she had invested about 30 millions naira in the company, but could not be repaid the money she invested.

The CEO of the company has been dragged severally on social media since late last year after failing to disburse the proposed profit on the amount invested by the partners of the company.

These investors has also pleaded with Mr Chinedu Marksman Ijeomah to refund the money they invested into the brand but he has been pleading for more time to come up with the money.

Coming on a video Mr Marksman Ijeomah shared on his verified Facebook Page, he debunked the suicide rumor as he shared the audio of the call they had with the only partner that bears the name Nuella in their company’s database. According to the audio, the lady alleged that she invested 2 million Naira and she is due to be repaid on the 29th of January.

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