Humphrey Anumudu: The Dead Deserves Some Respect


It’s very interesting to see people seeking popularity through the use of His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodimma’s name however, it’s quite absurd when the medium employed is by an attempt to malign his personality.

The late, Barr. Humphrey Anumudu is a well-respected elder statesman and as such, deserves to be respected and the family, empathized with in this trying time.

Rather than being sympathetic, some people have taken to the streets of social media to spread falsehood all in the name of garnering readership, without minding the consequences of their ill actions.

Just so you know, the toxicity of the social media space is already on the high side and people need to be conscious of their utterances to avoid falling out of line with regulatory measures

Let the general public discountenance the falsehood being spread by agents of discord and continue with their lawful business.

Nneamaka Okafor
Special Adviser New/Electronic Media.

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