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Buhari’s Corruption Scorecard

By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones A few reasonable people who supported Buhari in 2015, did that partly, on the strength of the convinction that even if the man failed at every other thing, he wouldn't tolerate corruption and corrupt public

Ideato: Where Are We Going?

By ONWUASOANYA FCC JONES Ideato, the common clan Federal Constituency in Imo State, is arguably the most endowed in terms of human resources, yet, among the least fortunate in political representation. Ideato, is only the second Federal

My Decision To Be Politically Active

✍️Lancelot Obiaku(Chieftain) Today, our society is replete with social, economic, and political crises. It is far from the society I dreamed of as a kid. But this does not discourage me. I am rather emboldened to take steps to help