I suffered more than NDDC MD Joy Nunieh – Sandra Duru reveals


Imo State born, US based businesswoman Dr Sandra Duru, have revealed her ordeal in the hands of corrupt government officials. In a post on her Facebook page in reaction to the ordeal of the NDDC MD Ms Joy Nunieh, Sandra told her story and what she went through, pointing out that she faced worse persecution than Joy Nunieh is facing.

Her reaction reads as follows;

I am very sure that many Nigerians are not aware that I went through worse things than Ms. Joy Nunieh, the sacked BOSS OF NDDC. Very few journalists, students, traditional rulers, security agencies and my employees can still remember my ugly ordeal in the hands of my former boss, Dr. John Ndanusa Akanya, the DG, STANDARDS ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA, SON, the sacked Director General of the STATE SECURITY SERVICES (SSS), A.Z GADZAMA, the sacked IGP of police, Ogbonnaya Onovo, the Lagos STATE DIRECTOR OF SSS, ALHAJI AUDU IBRAHIM, PSC., Late NANA AISHAT ABDUQUADRI, late AIG NPF., AUGUSTINA NGOZI IHESIABA, late AIG WINIFRED EKIHETARMELOR AND HIS WIFE MARIA….The list is too long.

When I was appointed to serve in my own little capacity at the STANDARDS ORGANIZATION OF NIGERIA, SON and the POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION, PRESIDENCY…My bosses didn’t like the fact that I am a very strong willed person who has zero tolerance for corruption and the fact that I am incorruptible. I did my best to make sure that we changed alot in both the police service and SON for the good of our people but little did I know that I was stepping on big corrupt toes. I fought corruption and corruption fought me back to the extent they wanted me dead! They sponsored attacks against me in the media to discredit me but they failed woefully. They stormed my official residence, my private residence and my offices without proper court orders and cartered away with all my personal belongings….

They got tired of me when they couldn’t kill me as planned in the prison and on my way to my various court days…I always arranged for private securities and my good friends in the government always sent their top secret security operatives to protect me to and fro. Even in the prison, I became the prison goddess and I made sure that a lot of innocent people went home. While I was there in prison, alot changed to the extent I fought for the rights of the prison inmates and the Controller General of the Nigerian prison had to come all the way to have a conversation with me and he addressed all the matters raised. Mass transfer hit them and I was finally released to go when the judge pronounced me innocent. I could remember he said, “THIS IS A HIGH PROFILE CASE WITH A VERY HIGH PROFILE YOUNG WOMAN….LOL!” Anyway, I regained my freedom and went in search of my only daughter, my very loyal employees who were arrested….Even after I was released, I was re-arrested again and again.

They lined up cases for me from the SON, SSS, EFCC, POLICE and I was arrested unlawfully and remanded in prison but my God didn’t let me down. Festus Keyamo was my attorney and immediately he became closer to aunty Farida Waziri who was used against me, I dropped him as my counsel and God Almighty removed Farida and big brother Lamode came on board and I was released! When I regained my freedom I fought back legally and spiritually and Mgbekenisedly….Some were sacked and disgraced out of the office…while the ones who wanted my head were naturally swallowed by the mother earth.

I recovered all my things but not in good condition because I was remanded for over nine months. I lost almost everything, my clients, my staffs and my daughter almost died. I started life afresh again and in few months I bounced back with the help of God and some top government officials who didn’t like what happened to me. In all that happened, Alh. Daura, Alh Muazu, some first class traditional rulers and Akpoyibo remained very consistent and upright. They stood by me even when their jobs were threatened by the wicked monsters.

The morale of this story is to let you know that its not easy to survive in the midst of wolves in Nigeria especially as a very educated, informed, brilliant and intelligent young woman who has zero tolerance for nonsense and corruption.

Have you bothered to ask yourself what would have happened to madam Joy if our Fearless and incorruptible governor WIKE didn’t come to her rescue? We are living in the midst of evil monsters who address themselves as angelic honorables whereas they are dishonorable primitive creatures and corrupt leaders who feed from corruption. Nigeria will not be fixed if we do not get rid of these fraudulent characters in government.

Please, join me to say a very big thank you to GOVERNOR WIKE, may God Almighty continue to bless him and his beautiful family. A very big CONGRATULATIONS to madam Joy for being alive to this day. These guys we call leaders are MURDERERS!

The attempted murder case between me and Hopeless Hope Uzodinma and his executive rascals will be opened as soon as he leaves the Imo state government house.

May God Almighty continue to protect all of us from the hands of these monsters.



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