Why Nnamdi Kanu’s Next Adjourned Court Hearing May Not Hold



The Supreme Court’s adjournment of Nnamdi Kanu’s matter to September might not be a decision that has come easily or that was purely based on judicial reasons. There might have been some political considerations that informed the long adjournment.

For a man that has been in prison for about two years now, and for whom some hoodlums have purportedly held the Southeast to ransom with illegal sit-at-home orders and the accompanying terrorist attacks against innocent people, the Supreme Court shouldn’t have any reason to keep him held in custody with this long adjournment.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on this matter would likely not be the end of the matter, as the argument as at now is not on whether he is guilty of the charges against him, but on whether the process of his arrest and subsequent detention is in line with international and local laws. If the Supreme Court decides in favour of the FG’s argument, then, the IPOB leader’s trial will have to return to the High Court. Unfortunately, he will remain in detention while this goes on.

It is possible the judges were advised or decided on their own up give such long adjournment, knowing the political dimension the case has taken, so that the next administration may have enough time to look into it, and probably consider granting him amnesty.

Over time, many politicians and activists have cashed in on Nnamdi Kanu’s predicament to gain some political capital, and I will not be surprised if the legitimacy sapped incoming Tinubu interregnum will be looking at cashing in on Nnamdi Kanu’s popularity to gain some acceptance by releasing him as soon as he is sworn into office.

I will hope that Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyers and leaders of the IPOB understand the legal implication of the term “amnesty”. It would mean that Nnamdi Kanu is actually guilty of the terrorism charges brought against him, but the government in its “magnanimity” chose to forgive him and ask him to go and sin no more. If the government wants to release Nnamdi Kanu, they should do so, unconditionally and pay him some damages, if they believe he is innocent of the charges against him, especially, as some courts in the land have already quashed the charges and even ordered the federal government to pay him huge amount of money in damages.

I expect Bola Tinubu to have used the three months preceding the next adjourned date to knock out a deal with the IPOB and unconditionally release Nnamdi Kanu, and put an end to this obviously ill-advised prosecution. But, in a case he doesn’t do that, the IPOB leader’s case might be the first major legal defeat he will suffer, as it appears that IPOB legal team have the FG at a tight corner with the argument on the process of his rendition.


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