Now That Emeka Ihedioha Has Abandoned You – Nwaogwugwu writes PDP State Lawmakers who lost at the election


A former New Media Director of the Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP and now officially friend of Gov Hope Uzodimma, Mr.Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, has penned an open letter to members of the State Assembly of the PDP platform, who lost out at the polls.

The letter reads as follows:


  1. Hon. Barr. Anyadike Nwosu.
  2. Hon. Philip Ejiogu.
  3. Hon. Frank Ugboma.
  4. Hon. Okey Onyekamma.
  5. Hon. Solomon Anukam.
  6. Hon. Paschal Okolie.


My dear Honorables,

How is the weather treating you right now? I sincerely hope this open letter meets your well.

I bring you calvary greetings even as we go thru the passion of cross with our Lord Jesus Christ while awaiting his resurrection on the third day.

As former comrades, I have the means and the reach to convey this letter personally to each and every one of you but because of the fact that I want the members of the public to bear witnesses to this, in relation with former and publicly known counsel from my very stables, that is why I have elected to make this letter open and public. I apologize for this.

When the political tsunami hit our then party, the PDP, in January 14, 2020, not many of you saw through the changing political narratives but my representative from Aboh Mbaise state constituency, Hon. Eddy Obinna was foresighted enough to see through (as a wise man) that it was so done for that political dispensation and immediately followed the new dispensation. He trailblazed and aftermath, majority of others followed thru.

But you stayed back, likewise myself, we stayed back all in agreement to fight along side a man we thought was worth fighting with.

It was not long before I realized that we were pursuing charades because that man — Emeka Ihedioha — was not worth fighting for because he is like the man that you went into spirit hunting in the forest and along the line, because of his selfish interests, he begins to see you as smelling spirit spirit.

In January 2021, a year after, I personally saw thru the joke of a man, the charade and on principle, what the new administration was doing needed the support of us all and not antagonizing, I had to quit.

I quitted on two principal reasons — the new administration is doing massively well and the man whom we wanted to sustain the fight for was not worth fighting with.

I laid down all the facts and forecasts to you all. I spoke personally with you all. Of my reasons and the need to even move while the time is still there.

You were emotionally blackmailed into some kind of loyal slaves to Ihedioha to continue to be fighting the #PeoplesGovernor, a man with so much grace and candor.

You were misled to fall into the deep ditch by a con man who got absolutely nothing on you except for exploitative tendencies.

Today, your colleagues who moved to APC are all returning back to the house and will continue to call the short while your nascent political careers are on course to premature political death.

Do you interact with them?

Didn’t they tell you how the #PeoplesGovernor carried them as though they were his personal burdens but in your case, even the little logistics due to you, were you given?

A true father stands out and always comes true to his children — that was the level of support the #PeoplesGovernor provided to your former colleagues that got them returned on a platter.

But yours, not that you even got your ticket easily, you were made to pay through your noses and even on the day of the eventual election, you were abandoned to your fate by the man you stood for for years.

Now, after all said and done, after abandoning you, the very manipulative man is propping you to go court and challenge what is already lost.

The man that abandoned you to your fate during your party primaries and actual election will also abandon you during the legal tussles and you will be completely finished by the time you are done.

Now, PDP in Imo State is completely dead so long as the prevailing political season is concerned.

This is following the resignation of your leader, Ihedioha from the party’s guber activities as the party is now left with non less a person – Sen. Sam Daddy.

Sen. Sam Daddy as we all know cannot stand the #PeoplesGovernor in any electoral contest at the prevailing political season. Sam Daddy will not even win his Ikeduru LGA let alone picking up any from elsewhere.

Be wise!

This is the time to wear your thinking caps.

The #PeoplesGovernor is a very kind man whose heart flows freely with milk and honey who does not hold grudge against any one.

On my assurance; drop down your gauntlets and you will be given a soft landing.

In a few weeks time, you all will become former house — the implication is that there will no longer be allowances and all that….don’t you want to end well, and probably have some stake in the continuing political dispensation?

Think about it.

Things can still be worked out. It is not all lost cause yet. You can be absorbed back into the system.

Come to the #PeoplesGovernor, drop down your court cases with a heart of contrition and you can be sure of a happy ending.

With love from your former Comrade,

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
April 07, 2023.

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