Again, Soludo Confirms That Peter Obi Invested Anambra State Money Well, But Subsequent Administrations Mismanaged The Investment



It is one thing to make an investment and another thing to manage the investment. For instance, I know a man whose father left hundreds of millions of Naira worth of investments for, but the young man squandered these investments and is looking worse than some of us who were not fortunate to get even a pin from our own fathers. That the man whom I will like to call Chukwuma squandered his father’s beautiful investments which included landed properties, shares, etc, doesn’t mean that the father made a bad investment, but it rather shows that the son, his successor was a bad manager, or even an efulefu.

While appearing on television this evening, the current governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo made a comment that is understood to be in reference to the multibillion Naira and multimillion dollar investments and savings made by Mr. Peter Obi when he was governor of Anambra State. Governor Solido said that those investments are “now worth close to nothing”. This statement from Soludo is not an attack on Peter Obi but a validation of the Agulu born multibillionaire’s prudence in the management of Anambra’s resources.

Soludo would have been called to question if he had claimed that Peter Obi didn’t make any investments. Peter Obi made good and well thought out investments, but, like some fortunate children whose parents bequeathed good fortunes to, Obi’s successor descended on this investment and made a mincemeat of it. He enjoyed himself with the piles of money he inherited and unlike most of his contemporaries who inherited State accounts in red, Obiano came upon billions of Naira in cash with no single debt to service. That would have been a solid ground to build upon and taken Anambra to greater heights, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Those who are mischievous enough to blame Peter Obi for supporting Obiano as his successor are not being fair to themselves. Peter Obi is a human being, he couldn’t have had any talent for deconstructing the new fantasies of the man he partly groomed in the bank. Probably, because the man came about bad associations. Peter Obi also didn’t disturb his successor, he allowed him to run his government however he deemed fit.

I thank Governor Chukwuma Soludo for this affirmation and I urge Nigerians to vote for the man who will invest their money rightly and not the man who will squander it.


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