Insecurity: Buhari Runs Away



When the US and UK gave their advisory to their citizens to leave Nigeria as quickly as they can following credible intelligence foreboding impending terrorist attacks in Abuja and its environs, the security chiefs have issued several statements trying to reassure us that they are in control of the situation. The Inspector-General of Police even stopped short of declaring officials of the US State department enemies of Nigeria for going public with their advisory, instead of coming to report to him.

While some Nigerian officials are falling over themselves in a bid to douse the tension generated by the advisory, the President, the Commander-in-Chief who ordinarily should cut short any foreign trip he is on to return home and address what is clearly an emergency situation, is jumping into an airplane to depart Nigeria.

The only way to explain Buhari’s trip to the UK at this time is that he has ran away. Probably, he considers himself either a British citizen or a US citizen and he is heeding the advisory of his countries to run away from the country. He might consider himself a visitor to Nigeria and he doesn’t owe us any duty to sit back here when there is a heightened likelihood of a terrorist attack.

How else does one explain the fact that a Commander-in-Chief has the face to leave the shores of his country when the capital city lives in fear? What kind of father would run away from his house when there is an alarm about a potential fire outbreak in the house?

The other time on my Hidden Angles Talkshow on YouTube, I discussed this probability. I compared the attitude of Nigerian political leaders to Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, who was offered a safe passage out of his country to a safe place, but he turned it down, choosing instead to remain in his country and die alongside his people than run away and leave his country people to some uncertain fates. I argued in that talkshow which I am attaching to this post that Buhari or any of these present crop of political leaders would rather run away from Nigeria than stay back a single minute if there is an outbreak of war.

See the video here:

Even if the President believes that the US advisory is unfounded, the best thing he would have done was to join the Army on a confidence building march around Abuja and make a nationwide broadcast reassuring Nigerians on the steps his administration is taking to avert the situation. But, instead he has ran away and abandoned us to an uncertain fate.

May Buhari and APC never happen to Nigeria again.

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