The Gap Existing Between Uzodimma And Ihedioha



By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

The greatest illusion and political hallucination is for FCC Jones and his co hired social media gra gra boys to think that Rt Hon Ihedioha is a threat to Gov Uzodimma. How can that be? It is really funny for them to nurse that false belief.
The truth is that Gov Uzodimma does not give any serious thought about Ihedioha. Infact, Uzodimma is not Ihedioha’s main headache now. Ihedioha knows the mountain facing him in his party that he must climb before possibly seeing Uzodimma in the other side of the Mountain.

Perhaps, this is what they tell the former Deputy Speaker to rub soothing balm on his swelling political wound. Akuko! Governor Uzodimma has overtaken him in the race and Ihedioha is not seeing Uzodimma’s back any longer and may not see it as the next Imo Guber race beckons.

I hate when people keep deceiving their leaders. You people should stop making the man feel that he is in the same class with Uzodimma. How? In what aspect? Forget that Ihedioha, through a collegiate system at the House of Representatives became a deputy Speaker and also through a default tasted the seat of Imo governorship, he knows that Uzodimma is not his mate politically.

At a time Ihedioha was an Aide to some politicians in Abuja, Uzodimma was already drinking and dinning with those he was genuflecting for in Abuja. Again, by the time in 2003, when Governor Uzodimma was contesting for Imo governorship, Ihedioha was trying to still eke out a living through PA job in Abuja. Yes, he has every reason to be grateful to God for all he achieved in life so far, but those around him should stop making him think his head is no longer in this planet.

What Uzodimma has done and achieved politically, Ihedioha is yet to achieve. The battle Uzodimma has fought a d won, Ihedioha will never dare go close to such battles. Uzodimma has won election in 12 difficult LGA of Orlu zone to go to senate while Ihedioha has only managed to win election on just 3 LGA in his federal constituency. I don’t want to go into the 2019 charade that brought him as Governor using just 3 LGA to get 80% voodoo votes yet without a spread.

Uzodimma became a successful man before Ihedioha. Uzodimma has swam deeper political River than Ihedioha. Uzodimma is self made man than Ihedioha who rose through the back of Atiku to go to House of Rep, Tambuwal conspiracy and betrayal of PDP zoiining arrangement to become deputy Speaker and through political crack between the former Governor Rochas Okorocha and Uzodimma/Coalition in APC to be declared Governor through a default. I hope you got me right?

Iam constrained to say these because the things iam reading from some of Ihedioha’s men is really pissing me off. You know politics is a leveler. They make it look as if Uzodimma is playing match with Ihedioha in the same field. This is not true Biko. Let’s wait till next election and know who and who are in the race. If for anything, Uzodimma is already sure if APC ticket but that cannot be said of Ihedioha.
Yes na me Nwamkpa Modestus talk am.

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