Sandra Duru advocates for the cultivation of reading habit


International business and media personality Prof. Sandra Duru have advocated for a cultivation of reading culture amongst Nigerians.

She made the call in a post on her Facebook page, where she frowned at the habit of Nigerians and Africans of not reading long articles and missing the knowledge buried in them.

The United States of America based academic and social commenter pointed out an old saying that claims the African does not read, pointing out that many opportunities have been lost because of that culture of lack of reading.

Prof Duru who recalled an article she published within the lines she left a cast gift of $2000 but was wished by her followers who didn’t have that culture to read long articles.

Prof Duru, herself a published writer, used pictorial illustration of Tony Elumelu reading books to drive home her call as she showed that most great men achieve greatness through the books they read.

Her articles reads as follows:

Cultivate The Habit Of Reading – Treasures Are Hidden In Written Words!

A reported saying made rounds many years ago, and it was pretty famous too. Someone allegedly said, “If you want to hide something from a Black man, keep it inside a book.”

This still cuts deep anytime I remember it, but I’m happy because I have used the pain, anger, and unhappiness it birthed in me and turned it into fuel to spur me on all my achievements!

Yet, sadly though, an example of that old saying is seen in the way many people admire Nigerian business magnate and billionaire Tony Elumelu. Many of them reportedly want to be like him, while many even envy him, but the question is: How many of you read voraciously like him, or even have the habit of reading at all?

I also have a saying that I always share: Treasures are hidden in written words. Hence, I spend a lot of time writing to help people with the burning desire to grow, be more, and do more.

I write daily Soul Tonic, sponsored by my company Mgbeke LLC and my non-profit organization, The Unique Family Foundation (TUFF), to inspire, motivate, and empower people daily on my blog and social media platform: Prof. Mgbeke. Alas, only a few people stop by to read!

On 2 separate occasions, I have even hidden huge gifts in some of the articles, and nobody got them even when I tried to give them a clue by asking if they had read today’s soul tonic? My followers missed a $2,000 cash gift for not reading!

This is a personal example, and only God knows how many of such opportunities may have gone up tapped, all because they do not read!

Please, make a habit of reading, and also commit to sticking religiously to it from today. There are great treasures hidden in written words.

Ana eji uche eme ihe!

Prof. Mgbeke loves you all ❤️


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