Miriam Onuoha Has Failed Okigwe North


by Chidiebube Okeoma

Every lover of Okigwe North Federal Constituency of Imo state must work hard to ensure that Miriam Onuoha loses her reelection bid in 2023.

She has so under represented us.

Governance, especially at the legislative capacity is not about sentiments. Okigwe North Federal Constituency has never been this under represented, marginalized and neglected before.

Onuoha is more interested in her failed second term bid from the day one than working hard to advance the fortunes of our federal constituency.

2023 is a referendum on Onuoha’s representation and there is no doubt that the over 95 percentage of our population that is disenchanted with her poor representation will prefer an alternative at the polls.

An alternative that will put us in a federal map. An alternative that has the capacity, sagacity and governance approach to giving our people deserved governance.

Onuoha has not done anything for our federal constituency. We will not be hoodwinked by any political nor gender hogwash. She promised us heaven on earth and ended up doing nothing for us. We will not fall for her Nwanyi wu Ihe political sentiment just to recycle any failure. She has failed all round and should be voted out during the election in 2023.

I ask if this is not the same house of representatives Ugonna Ozurigbo Ugonna and Kingsley Uju are with Onuoha?. Why has Onuoha not done up to ten percent of what these her colleagues have been able to do for their people?. Mind you, Ozurigbo and Uju are first time lawmakers like Onuoha.

Nobody should come up the crap that Onuoha was elected a year after the duo of Ozurigbo and Uju were elected. After all Onuoha promised that she was going to do even more if she was elected. It is now almost three years Onuoha was elected and sworn in, yet there is nothing to show. She is now asking for an underserved second term bid. This our people will reject at the ballot in 2023.

She will not use her gender to hoodwink us to recycle a failure. Onuoha has failed woefully and doesn’t deserves a reelection.

It is time for Okigwe North Federal Constituency of Imo state to move forward.
Let us vote out under representation in 2023.

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