Imo PDP, Emeka Ihedioha And Samuel Anyanwu


By: Sam Onwuemeodo.

By late 2023 or early 2024, when the governorship election in lmo will be expected to take place, let there be PDP. Let there be strong pdp in lmo . PDP that would give good account of itself , at the end of the day.

lf the reverse becomes the case, when the time comes ,Emeka lhedioha would discover that he needs pdp in lmo more than pdp needs him. Samuel Anyanwu would also know that he needs pdp more than the party needs him.

These two men would have been concerned about building a formidable lmo pdp that would stand strong to overcome the heat of the APC , with an incumbent governor and the tsunami we are all witnessing today, called the Labour party, with the attendant OBIDIENTS.

The supporters of these two lucky politicians have, with thier outings in the past 48 hours WILLED lmo PDP to the duo. They have narrowed the 2023 governorship ticket of lmo PDP to lhedioha and Anyanwu.

ln other words, they are telling other likely strong aspirants on the platform of the party to look for alternatives. To look elsewhere. To go to other parties.
And this is not good or helpful to the party no matter the angle one looks at it.

lnfact, the writers for the two politicians have surrendered the franchise of lmo PDP to the two sons of Owerri Zone. By so doing, they have closed the door for other prospective guys who would have loved to aspire for the guber under the party.

It would be to the advantage of lmo PDP for many governorship aspirants to be in the offing. To come up . Either lhedioha or Anyanwu could or would also win at the end of the primary.

The best engagement or outing for lmo PDP was that of 2006/ 2007. The party had about 8 formidable governorship aspirants . And l make hay to name some of them:

Ifeanyi Araraume, Festus Odimegwu, Tony Ezenna ( Orange drug), Charles Ugwu, Hope Uzodinma, Kema Chikwe , Bright Nwanne, Emma Ojinere etc. Very formidable aspirants with fat pockets.

That was the Prime period for lmo PDP. At that time, it was very difficult to guess who would win the Party’s ticket. Yet, at the end of the day, a winner emerged.

lhedioha hasn’t declared for the 2023 or 2024 governorship. Anyanwu hasn’t also declared for the governorship. But nothing stops each of them to be playing the associated politics. And all in the overall interest of lmo PDP.

Let lhedioha be galvanizing. Be mobilizing. Be scheming. Let Anyanwu be galvanizing . Be mobilizing. Be scheming. Aside two of them, let others also eyeing the Party’s ticket be doing same. That would be in the compound and simple interest of lmo PDP and its members.

If in lmo PDP, only lhedioha or Anyanwu is talking about the governorship or the pdp guber ticket, then , something major is wrong with the party. The party could be adjudged to be suffering diminishing return. Lowering the tempo.

That should not be the prayer or wish of lhedioha or Anyanwu. Or, any genuine member of the party.

Anyanwu was reported to have appointment the DG of his political family or structure and few other appointments. That was extremely good for lmo PDP.

lhedioha would either now or soon, appoint his own DG and so on. Other aspirants on the ticket of the party would equally come up with theirs. Action would be generated in lmo PDP. And the party and its members would be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Anyanwu would also be paying those he appointed. By so doing, sharing the doo from the scribe’s table. Extending hands of fellowship. lf he keeps mute , he would also be accused of being docile.

lhedioha would not pray to be the only aspirant for lmo PDP GUBER ticket. That should never be his prayer point for any reason. If he happens to be the only one, the interpretation would be that others have abandoned the party for him. That won’t be his portion. His lot. That’s the import . The connotation.

Let there be twenty strong aspirants in lmo PDP for the governorship. If lhedioha emerges, majority of the rest of the aspirants would back him with their structures. Ditto Anyanwu.

Anybody praying that lhedioha should be the only guber aspirant in lmo PDP, does not love him. Does not wish him well. Does not wish lmo PDP and its members well.

One of the teething problems of lmo Apc is the general impression that only Hope Uzodinma would run. And the party is having severe typhoid upto 5 pluses- +++++.

Whereas , one of the things working for the Labour party and its OBIDIENTS is the avalanche of expected or suspected guber aspirants in it. The party is growing geometrically and gaining momentum.

Anyanwu should also appoint Coordinators in the LGAs and the wards and be paying them. Let lhedioha appoint his own. And he could make his own DG and deputy DGs. For the sake of lmo PDP. When the time comes for primary, it will be conducted and somebody must win. And the rest will become history.

lmo PDP doesn’t need this distraction now . lt doesn’t need this unnecessary bickering. And over nothing. Let the party be galvanized. We want at least, three or four strong political parties with four strong guber candidates so that we can make our choice out of the four.

Incidentally, none of these writers for lhedioha and Anyanwu respectively had made reference to God. They had written as if they could predict what would happen in the next 24 hours. When they can not.

Against the backdrop of all these, our prayer is that, all these people would make GOD their habitation. Their Compass . Their refuge and fortress. Reason being that, when GOD says YES, nobody could afford to say NO. And when HE says NO to a project, nobody can afford to say YES.We should always put GOD first, in our political permutations . HE is the only who knows about tomorrow. ECHIDIME. lgbo philosophy.

Both lhedioha and Anyanwu are assets to lmo pdp. They should not be encouraged to fight or to be fighting. They may no longer be allies. But let them be good or patriotic pdp chieftains. ln their own interests and in the interest of the party and its members.

You do not ensure or talk about equity when you have created the enabling scenario for opponents of equity to fly . To metamorphose. To navigate.

When those calling or longing or advocating equity, begin to scatter themselves, they are only saying, to hell with this so called equity. lt does not augur well. l have spoken in tongues here. ln diverse tongues . You can read between the lines. You can spot the difference or differences.

Let me also intone that , we shall continue to clap for Jesus.

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