Imo Governorship not settlement for service to Wike, FCC Jones knocks SamDaddy


Dear Samdaddy,


I have tried to keep this conversation as clean as possible, but the hooligans whose lives depend on handouts and whose relevance can only be retained by proving that they can insult FCC Jones, won’t let me try to safeguard my friendship with our own Samdaddy. While some of them are desperate to keep their jobs others might be seizing this opportunity to prove to Samdaddy that; “Eheh, we told you, FCC Jones cannot be trusted”. By trust, they mean that I cannot be a kept man, like some of them are proud to be.

Few weeks ago, I did some interventions for this same Samdaddy where I argued that the Ihedioha camp should give him some breathing space in the PDP primaries. Some of Ihedioha’s men rushed out to say that I had been paid by Samdaddy. One of Ihedioha’s aides specifically tagged me a tax collector, and I laughed. It was few months ago that a friend here requested for Samdaddy’s number from me that I discovered I had long deleted it from my phone. The number I sent him was that of the former Senator’s P.A, Kaycee. If tomorrow, something happens and I feel I should intervene in favour of Samdaddy, I will still do same, with as much genuineness that people will still rush out to say that Samdaddy has married a second wife for. I enjoy those misrepresentations. At least no one has been bold enough to say that I stole. But, some of those they are ready to sacrifice their mother in defence of them are thieves, who in good times, should be stoned to death at Eke Attah.

You see, I nearly forgot I was writing a letter to my friend, Samdaddy. I always say that I owe Samdaddy an eternal debt of gratitude for gracing my movie premiere in 2015 on very short notice and quickly redeeming the 200,000 Naira cash pledge he made, from which I gave his aides some percentage, because it was obvious, they were desperate for it. But, what I have always kept away from the public is that the same Samdaddy announced before the audience, including the representative of the Minister for Culture, that he was going to host me in his office at the Senate, so his friends would launch the movie for me as part of his encouragement. I called him after the event and he maintained his promise, invited me to the Senate. I paid my way to Abuja from Owerri, lodged in a hotel, and when I finally met him in his office after two days, he “discharged” me, not even with a transportation fare.

You see, when we praise these bandits in kaftan who claim to be Senators or whatever they call themselves, it is not for want of bad stories to tell about them, but because we had the good fortune of responsible upbringing, so we keep quiet and manage the relationship, until such a time as this when they give us reasons to exhibit the natural craze in us. If we calculate things well, you find out that it is actually Samdaddy is owing me, but I have tried to preserve the training my grandma gave me by maintaining or pretending to be a gentleman so that we can continue to live as civil people.

It is not completely surprising that Senator Samdaddy’s ekukes, apparently, on the promoting of their owner, have taken my innocent and kind advice as a latch to throw tantrums with themselves. A dog will always display the attitude of its owner. When people come about money and influence from the speed lane of fraud, bootlicking and thuggery, you don’t expect them to respect the fact that a young man could actually be self-contented, self-reliant and independently play his politics without waiting for the prompting from some Masters.

Dear Senator Samdaddy, I am always forgetting that I am writing a personal letter to you. Now, let me go back to the matter at hand Sir. You see, by age, by acclaimed educational qualification and by citizenship, you are eminently qualified to seek to be governor of Imo State, but by other considerations, you know you shouldn’t be. Maybe, because we have indulged you for too long, we have tried to pamper you, you are beginning to believe those shoe shiners around you who deceive you into believing that you are the next big thing after pizza. They lie to you Sir.

The people have given you enough opportunity to prove yourself. While I do not claim that those you want to rival for the governorship in Imo are saints, there is evidence to prove that they are miles better than you; morally, mentally, administratively and even politically. Go back home, summon the few courageous men around you and ask them, they will tell you that in places where merit is considered, you shouldn’t be seeking to be governor when these people present themselves. We know your role in a number of the failed road projects under the Rochas Reskew Mission, we know your niche in politics and business, and I can tell you that that’s not what we need in Imo, going forward. We have had too much experiments in recent times, that beyond my earlier appeal on political grounds, patriotically, no one should want to replace the current governor with you.

Do not get me wrong, this current governor is surprising a lot of us with his performance in governance, but the circumstances of his emergence and his handling of the political lever of government has made him detasteful, probably, unfairly. So, going forward, we need a people’s man, who will give us a semblance of civility in governance.

The best thing that has happened to you of recent is your appreticeship with Governor Wike of Rivers State. I want to tell you that that our brother from Ikwere has settled you enough by imposing you on the PDP in the Southeast as National Secretary. Go home and enjoy that spoil. Expecting that you will be further settled with the Imo governorship is taking your luck too far and insulting all of us in Imo State.

We know that one of the agreements might be to finally trade off our oil blocks, which Ihedioha initiated a fight for and Governor Uzodimma is continuing. We cannot afford to hand over the fate of our economy to a man who would probably sell our State to Wike and his anointed successor. You see, in times past, you would have been declared a traitor in Imo State, for openly associating with a man who swore to take a part of our territory and you even attended the thanksgiving service in church when he recorded what is appearing to be a Pyrrhic victory.

We cannot reward sabotage against our State. Serve Wike all you want, but do not think that Imo can be an extension of an Ikwere man’s empire.

My name is Onwuasoanya FCC Jones. I am an Imolite seeking the good of Imo State.

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