FCC Jones Is Indeed A Lazy “Writer”: A Meddlesome Interloper No One Should Take Serious


BY IK OGBONNA, Fcai, Anipr

Yesterday, I responded to the obviously sponsored gibberish penned to distract distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu from his Political Journey of Faith by elements in Imo PDP rattled and mesmerized by his recent appointment of a Director General of his Divine Mandate Movement, DMM.

Since this appointment was made public, the “PERSONALITY CULT” sorry, “POLITICAL CAMP” of Hon Emeka Ihedioha has been on overdrive sponsoring known hack writers to water down the import of the move and project their principal in better light. They have been calling PDP known leaders to ascertain their personal loyalty to their MASTER.

FCC Jones, a well known “ANYWHERE BELLE FACE” writer joined the “GANG” he abandoned years ago by churning out two articles on Senator SamDaddy within 48 hours. He can’t be that jobless to do so for free or is he? The Jones I know is a Chicken Farmer based in the outskirts of Abuja and would not ordinarily abandon his farm without “SOMETHING IN IT FOR HIM”.

My concern in responding again to his poorly scripted second hogwash titled,
arose from his peurile attempt to portray Senator SamDaddy in the following light:

“Senator Samdaddy can best be described as an opposition leader of convenience”,, who he claimed is “seen as an extension of the current Governor or a “Hopist on loan”.

As a seasoned Journalist and PR Practitioner, I took up the challenge posed by my friend FCC Jones by searching the internet to ascertain how Senator SamDaddy has played that role, nationally and in Imo State since December, 2021 when he was inaugurated in his current office.

Let’s see what I got from Google search and the Facebook page of his Media Adviser, Hon. Ikenna Onuoha, Mnipr, my esteemed colleague.

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  2. https://www.sunnewsonline.com/imo-anyanwu-blames-illegal-refinery-explosion-on-youth-unemployment/
  3. 26.02.2022


Ngor Okpala Bye Election: Senator Samuel Anyanwu Condemns Abduction Of INEC Staff, Snatching of Sensitive Materials

  • Charges Security Agencies To Arrest Those Behind Act
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  1. https://championnews.com.ng/new-year-message-apc-has-failed-nigerians-senator-anyanwu/
  2. https://nigerdeltaconnect.com/nigeria-now-shares-sovereignty-with-bandits-under-buhari-anyanwu/

These are the much I could garther on my own on the internet within the few minutes I could spare to do so.

Now here is my challenge to FCC Jones, do the same for your “INTERIM PAYMASTER”, show us evidence of how he has played his role as the supposed principal opposition figure in Imo State. Don’t forget, Ihedioha is the deposed Governor of Imo State and the onus is on him to put the Hope Uzodimma led APC government on its toes but no way. He only hires street sweepers once every quarter to hail him each time he returns to Imo to attend burials and parties. While FCC Jones thinks Sen Sam Daddy is supposed to do his duty for him. No wonder Ihedioha could not keep his “OBTAINED MANDATE” beyond 7 months in office as Governor.

For the avoidance of doubt, opposition is not enemity, insults and hatred. Sen Sam Daddy plays his role as opposition figure in Nigeria and in Imo State with respect to the persons and offices of the president of Nigeria and Governor of the state. He respects them and will not be found insulting them or any other APC leader. At the same time, Sen Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu will never avoid playing respectfully his role as National Secretary of the main opposition party in Nigeria.

That’s the way politics is played in advanced democracies not “tigbuo zogbuo”. It is played with panache, respect, aplomb and devoid of insults on personalities.

Once again I challenge FCC Jones to show us the “WORKINGS” with verifiable facts of how his PAYMASTER, Ihedioha has played his own role as the supposed leader of OPPOSITION in Imo State, beyond returning to Imo from Abuja quarterly to attend burials and parties and received by hired market women and road sweepers.

I rest my pen.


IK OGBONNA, fcai, anipr is a Journalist and PR Practitioner based in Owerri.

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