Understanding The Personality Of Dr. Chika Benson Abazu


DR. Chika Benson Abazu have emerged as the candidate of all progress Congress APC, to represent the good people of Ideato North and South Federal Constituency in the forth coming general election and as it gathers momentum, it has become pertinent to understand and appreciate the man Dr. Chika Benson Abazu, in other not to make mistake.

Dr Chika Benson Abazu is a Man who’s personality represent integrity, efficiency, vibrancy, intellectuality, modesty, courage, genuineness.

Dr Chika Benson Abazu is academia per excellent.

A lover of youths, who unlocked the potentials of many youths and sets the pace for massive youth empowerment.

His treasured ideology and principles of life are Justice & fairness which embodied his personality.

Ideato Nation needs the likes of Dr. Chika Abazu at the Green Chambers to ensure quality representation, law making, and ensure that democracy is rooted in the emblem of this Federal constituency if given the people’s mandate.

Ideato Nation, behold an unequalled and unmatched opportunity given to us from God.

Restoring Faith mandate is a Divine movement that is commissioner by Heavenily angels.

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