Lawan Is An Overzealous Sycophant, But Okorocha Wasn’t Generous With Power


By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Okorocha has committed a lot of sins, politically and morally, but I can tell you, that stopping Rt. Hon. Goodluck Opiah’s nomination as a minister of the Federal Republic wasn’t going to be one of those sins.

Senate President, Ahmed Lawan was been overzealous. There was nothing wrong in him allowing the Imo West Senator to air his views on the nominee. After all, it wouldn’t have stopped Goodluck Opiah from been cleared by the Senate. The only thing that could have stopped the nominee was if there was a strong petition against him.

Goodluck Opiah himself has said that he didn’t think the former Imo governor wanted to oppose his nomination. He confirmed that he had been in touch with his Senator and there was no bad blood between them. So, the whole blame goes to the bootlicking Senate President who probably, was desperate to show his friend, Governor Hope Uzodimma, that he will always be available to fight his battles for him.

That said. It is not true that Owelle Rochas Okorocha has never stopped any Imo son from being appointed and it is making all of us look stupid and amnesic, to boldly say or suggest that as governor, the Ogboko born multibillionaire was generous with the use of power. To put it directly; Owelle’s power playbook is a direct photocopy of Machiavelli’s crudest principles of total subjugation of opponents and Joseph Stalin’s most manipulative principles of relishing the frustration of those who invest any hope in his promises.

Owelle didn’t have the elitist goodwill Governor Hope Uzodimma enjoys, especially, in Abuja. But, he still tried his best to frustrate any federal appointment that came to Imo which wasn’t conceded to him. There are many incidents, but everyone in Imo State remembers how Owelle frustrated what might have been the best ministerial appointment that would come to Imo State, when he did everything possible to stop the nomination of Eze Festus Odimegwu as a Minister in Buhari’s first tenure in office. Instead, he pushed forward the name of his in-law, Professor Tony Anwukah.

Owelle is not a fair player in politics, and he also doesn’t believe in allowing fate play its role in people’s ascension to power. The truth is that it was more due to Owelle’s selfish political play than any other thing, that the Southeast lost its chance to get the APC presidential ticket in this 2022. Owelle worked assiduously in 2018-2019, to stop individuals he believed would pose a threat to his own ambition from holding any viable position in 2019. For Owelle, whatever conspiracy aimed at conceding power to the Southeast in 2023 that didn’t have him at the center, shouldn’t be allowed to go through, and he did everything to frustrate every effort at placing certain individuals at good positions that would have given them strong negotiating powers. This is discussed in more details, in an upcoming book of mine.

If we must tell lies in order to launder the image of those who pay our bills, we should at least, be a little respectful to the reading public. We are not all fools.

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