The Political Involvement Of Engr Akarachi Amadi, A Prayer Answered For Ndi MBAIKE


Today, I woke up doing a critical analysis of the Engr Akarachi Amadi’s dive into politics. I took a look at his philanthropy and huge assistance to people around him.

The confessions from critical stakeholders in our society of the various gestures of the young man,…..analyzing the very hospital bills he has paid for those who are held back in the hospital because they could not afford their bills. The various assistance and grants given to both women and young ones to either add to boost their businesses or to start up something meaningful to better their lives.

When you examine with me on the two times Mbaike football tournaments he has invested over N40,000,000 , aiming at harnessing young talent and sponsoring them to actualise their dreams has been fruitful. Many of the youths who participated in the games have found themselves playing both international and National teams today. Nevertheless, this has further reduced social vices amongst the young people.

You can imagine the very young people whose parents couldn’t afford to pay for their JAMB/UMTE FORMS that benefited from the Akarachi facilitated JAMB/UMTE FREE FORMS. Most of these young ones will be joining the university on AKARACHI FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP.

How much more blessed can MBAIKE be when Engr. Amadi who has no political power , but attracted over 11 kilometers of road within Mbaike. This is the height of the gestures. Many confessions is that we have not seen it this way before.

Have our mothers spoken to you on the very rear style of gift they have ever gotten? It is no more a news that Akarachi took his time last Christmas, despite the busy schedule to go round the various wards of Mbaike and ensured all women got a small bag of rice for their Christmas. It was not business as usual where the women stay on the mercy of party leaders to get the rice in cups.

I may not have to go into his very many support to his party, APC. But it is worthy to know that he has played the pillar role in the party.

It beats my very imaginations on how a young man will have this level of zeal or spirit of developing his place and people, even when he has no political power. We can even go on to X-ray the ones those in power within our clime have done. But that will be a matter for another day.

Take a critical analysis of these verifiable facts and ask yourself questions on why you will not support and vote for Engr Akarachi Amadi for Mbaitoli/Ikeduru House of Representatives come 2023.

My very people of Mbaike, there is no other time to get it right, but now.

…the time is now.

Irobi Darlington
Media Director

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