We We must Vote PDP, APC National Assembly Candidates and Peter Obi for President


by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

It is a bad signal that the two major political Parties in the country are moving on without the Southeast. They seem to have concluded that they can do without us. This is not a good development, no matter how we want to look at it.

The ruling APC has gone Southwest with its presidential ticket and will be going to either of the Norths to pick her running mate.

With this development, we must endeavor to assert our claim to the leadership of the National Assembly by producing either the Speaker of the House of Representatives or the Senate President, depending on who wins the presidency and which Party wins majority in the National Assembly.

Being truthful to ourselves, we know that the Labour Party cannot form majority in the National Assembly, no matter what happens. This is because no matter how fiery the LP hurricane eventually gets, the Party cannot manufacture candidates from the winds. Apart from in the Southeast, a good number of Constituencies across other geopolitical zones in the country are without LP candidates. So, it is easy enough to know the Party that can’t make the majority in the National Assembly, no matter what happens. Primaries are over, so the possibility of filling up those positions is no longer tenable.

While we can either make a very strong or weak statement with the Peter Obi candidacy or even win with it, what we are sure we cannot do is to get any principal position either as the ruling Party or the major opposition Party, in the National Assembly. Therefore, we must be circumspect in casting our votes for these opportunistic National Assembly candidates who are jumping on the LP bandwagon after losing out in their bids to get the tickets of the main Parties.

In order not to lose out completely, we must educate the voters to vote for APC and PDP National Assembly candidates, massively, while casting our votes for Peter Obi for President, if we so wish. We cannot afford to throw our votes away and as a consequence diminish our political bargaining power, in emotive political choices and decisions.

The APC successfully threw the Igbo of the Southeast out of the power tripod and relegated us completely out of the power equation because we voted with our hearts in 2015 and 2019, instead of voting with our heads. In 2015, the argument was that we could have had one of us elected as the Speaker of the House, but we didn’t have anyone elected on the APC platform who was qualified to get that position.

In 2023, no matter who wins, the Igbo of the Southeast must and should be on the power table and that is my political pet project.

My name is Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, I have sworn to fight for and protect the Igbo political interests within a united or restructured Nigeria. Come along with me.

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