Uwazuruike: Biafra agitators, Con men, businessmen


By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

I have often argued that present day “agitators” for the actualization of Biafra are on the most part, businessmen and con stars who understand how passionate the average Igbo is about Biafra. Biafra is an ideology sealed in the hearts of millions of Igbos with the blood of their loved ones who died, not just during the civil war, but who are still dying today, because they are Igbo and they dare to stand out in Nigeria. Biafra, is therefore not something that can easily be erased out of our consciousness, no matter the force used.

Ralph Uwazuruike and his cohorts understand this, and are ready to exploit this innocent and justifiable passion to advance their own selfish economic, political and social aspirations. These people do not believe in Biafra and they are never interested in its actualization or even in fighting for the Igbo to have their rightful place in the Nigerian union. Conversely, they are the biggest living example of a group of people sabotaging their people’s interests for their personal advancements.

Like his proteges currently ravaging the Southeast with violence, economic and political sabotage, Uwazuruike had led thousands of Igbos to their untimely deaths, destroyed businesses and received billions of gullible Igbos who were deceived into believing that he is the ‘Liberator’ of the Igbo race. Today, Uwazuruike sits atop billions of Naira worth of real estate across Nigeria and fleet of cars. These assets are likely proceeds from his deceptive Biafran agitation. Uwazuruike is a lawyer whom I haven’t seen in court for a single day, robed or known of any legitimate deal he executed, outside his phony Biafran struggle.

Today, he is shamelessly leading the campaign for Yahaya Bello’s presidential ambition, because one of his boys has displaced him from the Biafran franchise and is raking in billions of Naira, with which he leads flamboyant Fendi wearing and lascivious lifestyle.

If he was just any other Igbo man or even activist, I wouldn’t have a problem with his political choices, because, as Igbos, we respect people’s rights to be different up to the point of standing alone in what we have collectively agreed on. But, Uwazuruike rose on the back of innocent Igbo youths whom he led to their untimely deaths and had made people believe that he is interested in Igbo’s political liberation. Therefore, he has lost that right to make political choices against the overriding interest and overwhelming sentiments of Ndigbo.

At over sixty years of age, Uwazuruike is no longer a youth, and has no right to continue to use our youths as slaves to advance his personal interests. If MASSOB or BIM is supporting Yahaya Bello, then, he should come clean and denounce his declared position that “Nigeria has expired” and that Biafra is the only answer.

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones is a member of the Ohanaeze Think tank for a Nigerian President of Southeast extraction.

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