It will be a curse before God and humanity to make Okorocha Nigeria’s President – former aide


by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

There could be many things to contest about Owelle’s right to seek the presidency of Nigeria at this time, but, money is certainly not one of them.

I read a few friends saying that Owelle paid for the 100 Million Naira APC nomination forms from his “loots” of Imo money, and I laugh. The truth is that Owelle was wealthy before he became governor. He was actually described as a “Mystery Billionaire” by an international media organization, as long as 2003. Owelle’s worth in real estate alone, is stupendous.

Owelle can buy 1000 of these nomination forms and still have enough money to prosecute his push for the ticket of my Party. He might not be able to outspend everyone else in the contest, but he won’t be cowed by anyone of them, as long as money is concerned.

When you flash your mind back to 2007 when he joined the PDP few weeks to its Presidential primaries and still beat all the older aspirants to come a very distant second, you would understand that money has never really been a problem to the Ogboko born billionaire.

If you talk about the quality of individuals who surround him as he displayed his nomination forms, I can listen to you. Those individuals cannot make a Senator. They can have a chance in delivering a Reps candidate, but certainly, not a Presidential candidate for the largest black nation in the world.

For a man who is holding a mandate of my people of Imo West Senatorial District in trust, yet, hasn’t ever held a Constituency briefing nor thought it wise to address his constituents about his intention to vie for the presidency in 2023, I can agree with anyone who tells me that our dear Owelle is morally unqualified to stake a claim to the presidency. If you didn’t do something small well, then, you have no reason to ask for a bigger job.

Some of Owelle’s supporters whom I have raised the issue of his seeming to be on self- exile from his people with, have told me that the two term governor doesn’t have a road to his house in the village and wouldn’t feel comfortable staying in his village.

If someone could be governor for eight unbroken years and currently serving as a Senator of the Federal Republic, yet, he couldn’t get the best construction company to fix the house that leads to his village, then, it would amount to an anathema, to God, to humanity, to politics and to everything we consider honourable for that same person to openly and without scruples seek to br President of Nigeria.

Those who support him are within their rights to do so, as long as he is paying or they are guaranteed of some kind of payments for their support. But if they are not being paid or not assured of some longstanding or even instant benefit for their support, then, they might as well be either morally depraved or mentally deficient to stand behind such a leadership disaster of the century.

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones is a former member of the Okorocha political family and a constituent of the Distinguished Senator.

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