If Okorocha and Araraume refuses to work with Uzodinma, he’ll work without them


By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

The project of getting Imo State to work is not a one-man affair. It is a project that requires all hands to be on deck.

On several occasions, the Executive Govenror of Imo State, Gov Hope Uzodimma have reached out to Ndi ekwekwe in Imo politics led by the former governor, Rochas Okorocha, urging them to join hands with him, bring whatever idea they can offer, for the well-being of the state.

But have Okorocha don’t that?

Okorocha’s precondition to work with Gov Hope Uzodimma, as revealed by Uzodinma, was that the governor should cancel all the probe panels set up by the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, during his eight-months reign, to look into the affairs of the state while under the management of Rochas Okorocha.

Had Uzodinma done that, it would have been an open declaration of war on Ndi Imo, as it would seem that he had come out openly to stand against the wishes of Imo people, who demand closure over how their monies, allocations, bailout funds, Paris Club refunds, lands, Imo Air amongst others, entrusted into Okorocha’s hands were managed.

For refusing to help Okorocha cover up his misdeeds, which was the primary reason why he (Okorocha) wanted to succeed himself with a family member, Uzodinma suddenly became an enemy that cannot be allowed to succeed in his mission to better the lives of Imo people.

Okorocha has to understand that those probes were not for the benefit of Gov Hope Uzodimma, but for the people who he (Okorocha) owes the responsibility of giving account for the years he ruled them. Democracy is about accountability and if Okorocha has something against being accountable to the people that put him in power, I wonder why he is even urging Nigerians to consider him as their president? We’ll be installing a totalitarian, a dictator.

A supporter of the former Okigwe Senator, Ifeanyi Araraume, while conversing with me in my inbox, stated that Uzodinma needs Okorocha and Araraume to survive politically and that was where the caption of this article came from.

It is an undeniable fact that both men, if they HONESTLY decide to work for Imo State, can make positive contributions that can help the administration of Gov Hope Uzodimma.

But then we ask ourselves that important question, is the well-being of Ndi Imo their priority or the acquisition of power?

The man had frowned that Uzodinma stopped Araraume’s attempt to return to the Senate, as well as stopped him from getting two Federal appointments and I replied him that even God will not empower Satan to take over His throne.

How can you see somebody gunning for your position and you still gave him the weapons to fight you with, when it is in your power to stop it? Ohakim did it when he appointed his secret enemy Okorocha as his aide and how did that work for him?

Politically that’s a wrong move. In business and even in real life situations, that would be a serious mumu move by Uzodinma, if he had allowed his ‘enemies’ arm themselves against him. Ihedioha annexed Senator Samuel Anyanwu SamDaddy when he was governor as did Okorocha do the same to his political enemies. Even Angel Gabriel will do the same to Mami Water.

Uzodinma will greatly appreciate these men, if they would come out in all honesty to work for the good of Imo State, but if they are bent on undermining Uzodinma at every turn, then Uzodinma would work for Ndi Imo as he has been working, without any contributions from them.

It was the same thing we saw under Dr Ikedi Ohakim, when he reached out to his brother Araraume, to shelve their differences and work with him for the good of Ndi Imo.

He, as a governor drove down to meet his brother several times to resolve whatever the difference was, so that they could work together to move the state forward.

Araraume’s refusal to work with him and instead worked against him, ultimately worked against the state, as Imo was thrown into eight of her worst years, that gave birth to what is happening today in the area of unrest and Insecurity.

It was in the 2011-2019 era we started seeing government deploying armed thugs on the people like it was done during the demolition of Eke Ukwu where little Somtochukwu was murdered.

The same thugs were deployed against a government agent (Jasper Ndubuaku), who was simply carrying out his legitimate duty for the state.

Why then won’t we believe that the same thugs could be financed and re-engineered to cause the current unrest in the state, in an effort to destabilise the developmental strides of a political enemy?

The state government have pointed fingers with reasons and we have even seen arrests. We are still waiting but one thing is certain, a day of reckoning will surely come either here on earth or in the presence of God Almighty.

Having political ambitions and aspirations is a welcome development, but deliberately distracting and undermining the legitimate efforts of government to better the lives of the people is a sin against the people.

It was done during the time of Dr Ikedi Ohakim when desperate politicians sponsored and financed amongst other smear and litigation campaigns, the Reverend Father blackmail, unfortunately with the church as a silent partner, to undermine the development that was coming to Imo State.

It has yet again started with the suspected politically motivated and financed insurgency in the state, a situation which the pro-Biafra groups like IPOB they have been trying to tag it to, have washed their hands off

I have always asked myself this question, if I stole from a people over ₦2trillion and somebody comes out to probe me and possibly send me to prison, is there any amount of insurgency I cannot, if I am desperate, sponsor, to make sure that person’s government is ungovernable? With ₦2billion alone, 200 criminals can be paid ₦10,000,000 each to cause trouble. Remember over 1000 criminals are already on the lose so there’s no shortage of candidates.

Your honest answer is as good as mine…

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