Ideato: Where Are We Going?



Ideato, the common clan Federal Constituency in Imo State, is arguably the most endowed in terms of human resources, yet, among the least fortunate in political representation. Ideato, is only the second Federal Constituency in the State that has produced a governor that has had an unbroken eight year rule since the creation of Imo State in 1976. It is among the few Federal Constituencies in the State that could be said to have produced people that occupied every elective position, but the presidency. We also have the record of having produced some of the finest and most respected, nationally acclaimed politicians in Nigeria.

We are also among the brightest in the country. Ideato has the uncommon record of having produced the first certified African to have produced a car. We have some of the best respected intellectuals, including, the Internationally acclaimed novelist, John Munonye, the first republic minister, Chief Ozumba Mbadiwe and many great men and women of yore and present who held and are holding their own against the best in the world.

In business, Ideato is arguably the most prosperous clan in the entire Imo State, with the highest number of billionaires per square kilometer. While in the arts and culture sector, Ideato boasts of some of the most respected pioneers in the film, visual arts and music industry.

But, with all these enviable endowments and records, Ideato is still one of the least in maximizing her potentials. We are ravaged by ecological disasters with some communities at the verge of being wiped off by flood. Ideato is almost cut off from the State capital by erosion on both flanks. We still have thousands of youths who are frustrated by their inability to secure a good job or receive funding for their talents. Crime is still rife, many of our youths have taken to drugs and, consequently, crime and other delinquencies.

Instead of taking steps to resolve these problems, our politicians have rather found a way of systematically exploiting the frustrations and helplessness of our youths to advance their political aspirations, only abandon the same youths to an unfavourable fate, once they are able to attain their political goals.

Ideato is known to be one of the most industrious clans in Imo State, yet, the needed political support to situate one of the best commercial hubs in the Southeast in Akokwa or any other community in Ideato is lacking. Our local markets lack the needed amenities to thrive and these have greatly limited the commercial potentials of this great clan.

From the foregoing, one does not need to be told that the major problem of Ndi Ideato is political leadership and for us to solve our numerous developmental problems, we need to get the political leadership right.

The bitter fact is that Ideato can hardly produce a key occupant of an executive position, both at the State and Federal level, and the chances of an Ideato son or daughter retaining the Senatorial seat which we currently occupy, is very slim. Therefore, our best bet to directly address some of the most nagging developmental issues we are confronted with is to carefully elect the next person to represent us at the Green Chambers.

A creative, passionate, selfless, compassionate and strong-willed representative holds the keys to solving many of the problems confronting Ideato nation. We need someone with the right political reach and public relations to go to the right places to ensure that our roads become passable, that our youths get good jobs, that our entrepreneurial young people get the opportunities they deserve to attain their potentials.

We have had a lot men go for us in the past, and no doubt, they tried their best, but, we can give a woman a chance, only for the second time. A woman with the right ideas to address the developmental and economic challenges of Ideato nation, a woman with a verifiable record of resilience and purposefulness, a woman with the right temperament and passion for the development of her people, a woman, not just a woman, but the right woman- That One God Gave to Ideato. NKECHINYERE IDEATO!

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