Buhari Chasing Shadows in Biafraland as the North burns


By Henry Otulle Eke, KSC

Not long ago, Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna was attacked by Terrorists. Same terrorists also attacked Kaduna Airport lately and this week same terrorists attacked and bombed railroad with countless of civilian casualties.

Congratulations to Buhari’s Government.

Few days a ago, a Christian town in Southern Kaduna was wiped away by terrorist.

Diversity in Nigeria is the architect and epicenter of mass killing in the country. It is a charade, championed and executed by agents of Devil and Satan combined.

Diversity in Nigeria is a big lie and fraud. Time to divide the country on ethnic and religious boundaries is here.

Not a single terrorist has been prosecuted in almost eight years and if arrested, terrorist radical Government of Mohammadu Buhari would release them and enlist them into the Army, Police, immigration and Custom, Navy and Airforce with full permission to attacking Christians, burning houses and businesses and deceiving the world with Biafran natural resources of being a one United country…bulshit!

Here is the unfortunate irony of a bloody Government of Nigeria…

The armed forces of Nigeria are in Biafraland chasing their shadows, whereas the Northern geographical areas are burning like hell fire with streams of terrorism.

Let me conclude on these points…the Middlebelt and the Western Nigeria are the reasons of Nigerian trauma and hell on earth that it is today.

Biafrans had in 1967 declared their intentions for Nigeria and still till today have not changed their ultimate destination.

Biafrans don’t like to be called Nigerians for two apparent reasons…the pogrom of 1966 and the genocidal War of 1967 to 1970 shall never be forgiven and forgotten.

The pretense of one Nigeria amongst Biafrans is merely utter nonsense and window dressing. Deep in our hearts, Biafrans have undiluted resentment and disdain for Nigeria.

Let them keep on chasing shadows in Biafraland, whereas their homes in the North are saturated with endless lines of unrepentant and killer terrorists whose satisfactions are to slaughter Christians in cold blood.

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