Don’t Waste your money on 2023 Election, Prophet warn SouthEast, Nigerian politicians


Owerri based Christian cleric and prophet Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu, have once again warned politicains against wasting their money in pursuit of elective positions in 2023.

Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu who at the beginning of the year, warned amongst other things in his 100 predictions for the year, that events of 2022 may truncate the 2023 election.

In yet another post, Bob-Ekechukwu reaffirmed his predication, warning politicans especially those from the South East, not to bother wasting their money to contest elections in 2023.

His post captured from his Facebook page reads as follows:

“Just like I said earlier this year in No. 32 on the list of my prophecies for 2022, I strongly advice our politicians, especially those from the southeast, not to bother spending money to contest 2023 elections. My advice may sound so stupid now, but you must take it to the bank…

“I am YAHUAH’s Messenger 🕎

“Save this post!”

45 of his predictions, many of which have already started coming to pass, are listed below:

What To Expect In 2022

  1. I saw the issue of the agitation for self determination by the IPOB take a more serious dimension where there will be a clash between Federal troops and armed fighters in the southeast. In that clash, the Federal troops suffered heavy casualties that warranted their withdrawal from the southeast region.
  2. The United Nations and the international community will wade into the conflicts between Federal troops and Biafran fighters which may occasion a referendum
  3. Prayers should be made to forestall a coup plot. A governor from a rich state in Nigeria may be implicated in the coup plot.
  4. I saw Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami being implicated in a plot to divert recovered loots. Due to outcry from prominent Nigerians the authorities were compelled to seek his arrest. But I saw him going into hiding in order to evade arrest and prosecution.
  5. There will be increase in kidnapping, assassinations, killings and other crimes in Nigeria.
  6. Prayers should be made for President Muhamadu Buhari to survive this 2022, because I saw him falling seriously ill with an undisclosed sickness. The sickness prevented him from appearing in public functions over a long period.
  7. Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential ambition will not materialize. He will be betrayed and undermined by his close associates.
  8. Bola Ahmed Tinubu should jettison his presidential ambition and take care of his health If he wishes to survive 2022.
  9. Sen Orji Uzor Kalu should take care of his health because I see him suffering from a strange illness that may incapacitate him if care is not taken.
  10. Sen Rochas Okorocha’s case with the EFCC will be activated this year and he may be charged to court if care is not taken.
  11. Prayers should be made for Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha not to fall seriously ill with an undisclosed ailment which may incapacitate him for most of the year.
  12. There is a grand conspiracy to render Emeka Ihedioha politically irrelevant. Ihedioha shouldn’t be in a haste to enter into any political alliance as I see such alliance programmed to disappoint and ditch him at the last minute.
  13. I saw the Philip Umeadi’s case called up and the Supreme Court giving a decisive judgment in that suit.
  14. President Joe Biden may resign from his office as president before the end of 2022 and Kamala Harris shall take over as president.
  15. I see an attempt to assassinate the US Vice President Kamala Harris.
  16. I see a change of government in China and North Korea.
  17. There will be a failed attempt to remove President Vladmir Putin of Russia from power.
  18. There will be a severe economic meltdown in Europe.
  19. I see several Nigerian politicians running away from Nigeria due to the escalation of insecurity in the country.
  20. Three prominent International football stars may not make it to the end of the year.
  21. People of the southeast region may have a reason to rejoice towards the later part of 2022.
  22. Another virus more infectious than covid 19 may emerge in May 2022.
  23. Prayers should be made to prevent an attempt on the life on the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
  24. I see the place called Colorado in the USA being hit by a natural disaster.
  25. Crude oil will be discovered in some states in the North
  26. Minimum wage may be increased again in 2022 due to a rise in inflation
  27. Gov Hope Uzodimma should be wary of fake supporters and disloyal appointess as they may lead to the collapse of his government.
  28. This 2022 Gov Hope Uzodimma should look up to GOD for his personal security instead of security agents.
  29. There will be a failed attempt to assassinate a sitting governor.
  30. A sitting governor in the south may not see the end of this year.
  31. There will be a conflict that may threaten the existence of the Federation of international Football Associations (FIFA)
  32. If care is not taken, political events that will take place in 2022 may truncate preparations for the 2023 general elections.
  33. Prayers should be made for the Arch Bishop of Canterbury to survive 2022.
  34. Justice Mary Odili should be very vigilant this year as those who masterminded her failed kidnap are not sleeping. I counsel her not to eat and drink any how or to shake hands with people any how.
  35. Efforts should be made to prevent a sudden escalation of conflict in the Sokoto Caliphate
  36. I see international diplomats from different nations visit President Buhari to intervene over the continued detention of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu by the Federal government.
  37. GOD is displeased with a prominent sociopolitical crusader in the southeast due to loss of focus and vision. Prayers should be made for him to avert an undisclosed ailment that may incapacitate him in 2022.
  38. There will be a massive nationwide protest superior to the EndSARs protest which may shake the country.
  39. A scientist will announce a cure for covid 19.
  40. Fresh conflict will erupt in the middle east between Israel and Palestine including other Arab nations.
  41. Some prominent Christian clerics may not see the end of the year.
  42. Prayers should be made for Pastor Enoch Adeboye, W.F Kumuyi and Rev Mosy Madugba to avert terminal illnesses this 2022.
  43. Sporadic bomb explosions may escalate the insecurity in the south especially in Lagos, Imo and Enugu. Prayers should be made to avert it.
  44. More buildings, especially high rise buildings, may collapse in Lagos. Efforts should be made to prevent it. There should be focus in Apapa area to prevent building collapse and fire outbreak.
  45. Efforts and prayers should be made to avert another outbreak of civil war in Nigeria this 2022.

To be continued…

I am YAHUAH’s Messenger 🕎.

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