Ihedioha Will Never Be Govenror of Imo State – Osuji


by Chima Osuji

Opportunity they say, come but once.

In Ihedioha’s case, it came twice and both times, should I say he squandered them.

In 2015, we all know he won Okorocha in the election.

But in his carelessness, occasioned by his overzealous aides, who have always shielded him from people who will help him, so that they will not lose relevance; Ihedioha’s case didn’t even get to the tribunal all because of a mere ₦100 stamp.

In 2019 again, INEC one way or the other, declared him winner.

He even sat on the seat for good eight months.

And just like that, in his carelessness again, this time supposedly occasioned by his legendary stinginess, he lost the seat.

Saying Ihedioha was carelessness may not be the right word to describe his inability to become Imo State governor, clearly, it seems Ihedioha is fated never to become Imo State governor.

No doubt he is a fine legislator and if he were smart, he probably should have tried his hand at the Senate.

Of course his boy-toy Ezenwa Onyewuchi will hand over the ticket to him without a fight, and Ihedioha could even get back to manipulating himself in the National Assembly up to Deputy Senate President, or even Senate President.

But if I will tell him the truth, which is usually bitter, Ihedioha will never be governor of Imo State.

In 2023, the immediate factors facing him in the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, would be Senator Samuel Anyanwu who is presently the National Secretary of the party.

Now the leadership of the party in the state, who were installed by Ihedioha, made claims that Ihedioha would be their candidate, even when a primary has yet to hold.

It was a very funny statement, knowing that Senator Samuel Anyanwu now has a lot to decide who the candidate of the party is.

Let me take you back to the APC primaries of 2018, and recall a video that trended, where Rochas Okorocha was seen crying at the house of the then National Organising Secretary of the APC, Senator Osita Izunaso.

If Izunaso could make Okorocha who was then governor, and leader of the party in the state, lose at the primaries, how does Ihedioha hope to outwit Senator Samuel Anyanwu, if he decides not to back Ihedioha?

What if Senator Samuel Anyanwu decides to contest for the ticket again?

Of course it would spell an automatic defeat for Ihedioha at the party’s primaries as Senator Anyanwu is probably smarter now about how Ihedioha used the ad-hoc delegates to trick him in 2018.

Despite the denials that Ihedioha wasn’t heading to APGA, if Ihedioha loses to Senator Anyanwu, APGA may then become a beautiful bride for him, and there comes the other problem.

Ihedioha’s romance with former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, have not really rubbed Imo people the right way, after everything Okorocha and his family did to the state.

That Ihedioha would stoop low to join forces with them, paints him as a desperate man who’s interest is getting power at all cost, even if it means dining with the devil.

To Imo people, no matter how much they hate Hope Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha is closer to the devil in their books

Okorocha and his family are afraid of Senator Hope Uzodinma, for continuing the probes that now threaten to send him to prison.

Interestingly, Ihedioha set up those probes which Uzodinma continued.

Imo people now wonder, if Ihedioha joins forces with Okorocha to return to power, probably with the rumoured Uche Nwosu as his Deputy, what happens to the probes?

Will all the lands recovered from Okorocha and even the university, be returned to Okorocha as part of the deal to make Ihedioha governor?

What about the reports that links Okorocha to insecurity in Imo State? Everybody know that Okorocha is simply making noise, and trying to use the media sympathy to save himself with all his lies about killer squad. Of what purpose will Uzodinma gain to his own government if he creates problems of insecurity for himself?

What benefit will Insecurity in Imo State be to Okorocha?

If you can answer that question in all honesty, then you and I know who stands to gain with insecurity in the state.

In all this, where is Ihedioha? He hasn’t said a single word, instead, he is seen dancing Awilo with the prime suspects.

If you ask me, Ihedioha’s time and chance to become governor had passed, and right now he is fighting destiny.

A wise man would step aside and let others try.

– Chima Osuji writes from Owerri, Imo State.

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