Hope Uzodinma will be reelected in 2023 if …Imo Civil Servants reveals conditions


As the countdown to the 2023/24 Imo State General Elections draws closer, Imo State workers are not left out in making demands on how Senator Hope Uzodinma would retain his seat as govenror of Imo State.

Expressing their gratitude to the 100% 13th month salary Uzodinma paid them, which was the first of its kind in Imo State’s history, VerbatimNews was able to gather from several Imo workers we spoke to, the conditions that could ensure Uzodinma gets their support for his reelection.

“Senator Hope Uzodinma have done very well for us,” Ifeoma said when we spoke to her at Health. “But let him continue doing it. Let it not stop now and they start giving us excuse. It is the first time I’ve been paid 13th month by any governor, and if he continues in this way, I will definitely support him so that by the time he leaves after his second tenure, payment of 13th month would have become a tradition that others will emulate.”

Sebastian at Works has this to say, “Highly commendable, yes, very commendable. But everybody here is concerned about continuity. We hope to see it this year again. To tell you the truth, that 13th month has been very helpful. It has even eased the usual stress we experience in January, with school fees facing us and all what not. Continuity. If he continues this way, definitely he has our support.”

Harriette from Agric said, “I am particularly pleased with the announcement that salaries will not come around 26th of every month. If he can achieve that, it would really be a plus for him. The 13th month has really sold him to many of us and if he continues that way, I don’t think he would lose one civil servant vote in 2023.”

Eberendu in Finance said, “He got all of us with the 13th month. The first of its kind in this state. 100 percent. I can speak for a lot of people I work with, Hope Uzodinma had done better than any other govenror in Imo history for civil servants. He definitely has our support but he should continue doing this way.”

Ada at IMSU has this to say, “I must commend Senator Hope Uzodinma for the wonderful Christmas gift of a 100% 13th month salary. I can’t tell you how much that meant to us. Many of us are entering January fresh, unlike in the past when we start running left and right looking for where to borrow money for school fees. Some of these private school insist you pay within one week of resumption. After the usual Christmas spending, it’s usually a heavy burden on many of us. That 13th month salary was God sent and I must commend Senator Hope Uzodinma. He has not done badly as far as I am concerned. I was amongst those whose salaries was stopped in IMSU so that verifications could be carried out and today, all my arrears have been paid and I’m getting my regular salary now. My family, my colleagues and their families will definitely support him to ensure continuity.”

Amadi from Cabinet Office said, “I wish to thank His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma for the payment of 13th month salary. It is the first time it has ever happened in this state. I commend his announcement of early payment of salaries. I would also urge him to look into those with one problem or the other to address it once and for all as well as pensioners. Those are still areas he could get knocks from. As far as we are concerned, he had done far better than all his predecessors.”

Other civil servants interviewed by our correspondent got similar reactions.

From what we gathered, if the Senator Hope Uzodinma administration maintains the payment of the 13th month salary to civil servants, as well as ensure he keeps his promise on early payment of their salaries, while addressing the issue of pensioners and workers with issues that have denied them their salaries, the Imo workforce may more likely give him their full support come 2023.

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