Imo: Disclose identities of 400 criminals police apprehended – APGA urge Uzodinma


The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), has called on the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma to furnish the people of the state with the identities of the four hundred bandits he claimed were arrested by the men of the Nigeria Police.

This call follows a recent public broadcast by Governor Uzodinma on the hostilities in Imo State, wherein the governor claimed that men of the Nigeria Police arrested and apprehended about 400 criminals who are majorly not Indigenes of Imo State.

He claimed that the police had arrested the suspects who masterminded the destruction of police formations and the correctional centre (prisons), killing of policemen and military personnel as well as the killing of innocent citizens.

However, reminding the governor of his utterances and promise, while addressing newsmen in Owerri, the Imo chairman of APGA, John Iwuala, pleaded with Governor Uzodinma to as a matter of urgent public importance kindly use the current medium to name the identities of the 400 criminals he said were apprehended by the police in Imo to let Imolites know the truth about the deteriorating insecurity in the eastern zone.

The Imo APGA also queried Uzodinma on the location of the suspects as alleged.

“What is the current location and position of the 400 suspects allegedly arrested? Were they later deemed innocent by the police and released on political bail? Does it mean you just cooked the story and would you like us to add and adopt it as one of the executive lies from the executive governor?

The party leadership further queried “kindly tell us the truth on this matter. If you need help, just open up, ndimo may offer to help so that peace and tranquility reign? But the truth will set all of us free from insecurity. Let’s start from you”.

The APGA State chapter said ”a good number of the people of Imo may believe there was arrest as you claimed but unfortunately, the Fulani cabals might have ordered their release and it was strictly complied with as directed.

The party appealed to Governor Hope Uzodinma to help and clear the air.

APGA further appreciated the Imo Governor for naming sponsors of insecurity in the state while believing that with the exposure of the real sponsors, ndimo will be able to know those that have murdered sleep in the state.

APGA, however, warned the All Progressive Congress-led government not to witch hunt perceived political opponents and enemies notwithstanding its desire to expose evil men in our society.

“The beauty of democracy is the ability of the opposition to engage the ruling class in constructive criticism aimed at procuring administrative balance and seriousness”.

The party further warned the Imo government not to go beyond the lines and engage in the victimization of perceived political enemies.

The Imo leadership challenged the government of the day to account for the 400 suspects which the same government claimed were arrested by police.

“Just because many of them are not Imo indigenes or do we believe they are from the north, and that’s why they will go scot-free after the Governor has already told us about their arrest and possible parade pending”, it concluded.

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