Uche Nwosu: A Criminal Can Be Arrested Anywhere, Anytime, Group tackle Okorocha






We reject the petulant, careless, deceitful, and seditious utterances of Sen. Ethelbert Okorocha over the arrest of his son-in-law, Mr. Uche Nwosu.

Anayo Okorocha not only had the effrontery to wag his little finger at Ndi Imo just because security operatives whisked away his son in-law, he splashed sewage on the person of Governor Hope Uzodimma in the full glare of national TV cameras, having failed miserably to link the Governor to the intractable travails of his family.

If only Anayo enjoyed good counsel, he would have been stopped the second such perverse foolishness began to drip from his lying lips.

We know Anayo to be a circus clown but the reprehensible remarks that came from him this afternoon are beneath his stature as a former Governor and portray him as a haunted soul.

Why else will Anayo confess in a press conference that his son-in-law was arrested by operatives from the Force Headquarters Abuja, but claim still that the same operatives are bodyguards of Governor Uzodimma sent to humiliate his family?

Today, just like on Feb 22, 2021 when he broke into a sealed property, Anayo tried to incite, to whip up sentiments, to deflect attention from the fact that karma, the law, the skies and all of nature demand from his household a ransome for their unspeakable travesties during their 8-yr reign. This trick has aged badly just like the idiocy of his internet criers.

Instead of expressing gratitude that security operatives got a hold of Nwosu, instead of the mob, Anayo is holding a press conference to berate the state for rumpling Nwosu’s garments.

Across Nigeria, former Governors have been arrested and prosecuted. Many are currently facing prosecution and many more would. History is replete with former presidents facing trial. We don’t see why a mere former (placeholder) governorship candidate, would not face arrest and or prosecution. Some say Uche Nwosu is Okorocha’s son in-law. And so what! Does the law have special protection for Okorocha’s in-laws? Some say he just buried his mother. Is there any special protection for mourners anywhere in the world? When he put his hands where he shouldn’t, did he think of his mother?

Sometimes we wonder what the people actually want. We think it is even difficult for the peope to know what they actually want. Few months ago when the Governor said disgruntled politicians were behind the insecurity in the State, “the people” said he should name and shame them, so that “they” would know. The Governor decides to name the sponsors of insecurity, then “the people” shouts on the rooftop, “it’s unfair, illegal, political, distraction”. And they want the Governor to rather cause their arrest and prosecution. And in a split second someone is arrested, “the people” shout, why now? Why in the church? Why in his bedroom? Why in his kitchen? When did we create fortresses for criminals?

The insecurity that assailed Imo cannot be divorced from the fact that Anayo pauperized Imo and embezzled not just money, but opportunities meant for the masses. Today, Anayo calls himself a victim of of witchhunt and his doppelgangers, gluttons and scallywags want us to believe this anti-gospel.

For the records, Uche Nwosu was not arrested inside the church, therefore amounting to the desecration of the church. All footage from the scene show that Nwosu was arrested at the end of the church service and outside the church building. Those who ask “why treat him like a common criminal?” need to ask themselves that question aloud and in front of a mirror.

If Anayo’s flipancy was intended to water down the proposed naming ceremony for sponsors of insecurity in Imo, he has another think coming.

Imo, through Governor Uzodimma, will succeed in spite of his vile spirit.


Collins Ughalaa KSC
December 26, 2021.

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