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PDP; Charting The Only Reliable Route Forward


A certain expression captures the benign situation of obviousness; the circumstances that lead to an irresistible conclusion of facts. That expression is indigenously Igbo, and it is- ‘anaghi agwa ochi nti na agha e sugo’. It loosely translates to “you do not need to tell the deaf that war has begun”. To attempt an elucidation, war is a situation of unrest made obvious by sight, not necessarily heard with the ears. Our use of that adage here, however, has nothing to do with war. It rather has everything to do with the obviousness of facts in the Nigerian economic and political landscape of today.

Given the prevalent political and economic tension, uncertainties, irregularities and upheavals going on in Imo State and Nigeria at large, soothsaying is not needed to redirect our sight and consciousness to the realities of accepting and supporting a party with prospects and promises of causing a phenomenal positive change in the corridors of power as well as correcting our past electoral and leadership mistakes. “We shall do better”, they had pledged. Failures, we have forcefully appreciated by our sight, and welcomed involuntary through our auditory canals. Do we need any further indicators in this situation of obviousness? We dare not forget; We cannot forget! Never Again!

To make governance beautiful and dignified, we need to filter and cleanse our political arena. If one could vividly recall the tenures of PDP leaders in our States and Federal levels of governance, one would find it rather convenient to concede that the PDP is a party with beautiful intentions as well as the technical know-how to correct leadership lapses in every sector. The records are there for all to see, and the party’s impeccable achievements are ostensibly laid to all and sundry.

Our country is bedeviled with insecurity, hunger, crisis, economic and political instability occasioned by the party at the helm of affairs. It is said with medical certainty that the head is the repository of functionality in a being; so that when the head is right, every organ of the body will function efficiently. Bid me your while a bit, and identify any sector in Nigeria that is functioning properly and producing effective results. You do not need to bother your head. There is simply none! The system is not favouring the rich, and has placed the poor in perpetual agony. This is most certainly the first time in Nigeria that kidnapping has becoming a means of livelihood, adorned further by the non-chalance and pathetic attitudes of our leaders that are regrettably being influenced by their party. This would be the first time farmers are indirectly stopped from cultivating and tilling the grounds, for fear of Herdsmen attack, thereby causing intense hunger in a country that has regressed progressively to subsistence agriculture. This also has visited a galloping inflationary gap on the prices of the sparing foodstuffs. The problems stare us in the face!
We need the urgent intervention PDP with their signature stoic efforts, to put a permanent stop to all these and restore our land to full sanity and dignity.

As the clock ticks and the election year draws near, we have all the time and opportunity to right our wrongs and redeem democracy and lawful governance according to rule of law. Posterity is at stake. Our children and our generations depend on our choices and impacts today. We have to remake history and it must be
a good one. PDP is the way forward. It is the way to security, peace, progress, economic boom, job creations and political stability. Let us embrace our very roots; democracy!



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