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Uche Ogbuagu : When A Lawmaker is A Victim of His Own Motion


Honourable Uche Ogbuagu Is My Brother And Personal Friend. Naturally, I Am Supposed To Speak In His Favour, And Indeed Defend Him, No Matter The Situation.

Few Months Ago, I Waved My Friendship With Him Aside And Wrote Against Him, When I Noticed An Unusual Legislative Gymnastics, Which Didn’t Go Down Well With Me. I Gave Many Reasons Why He Should Be Dropped As Majority Leader Of The Imo State House Of Assembly, IMHA. The Consequence Of That Write-up Was His Removal As The Majority Leader Of IMHA. I Went Further To Demand For His Suspension.

Naturally, My Dear Brother And Friend, Uche Ogbuagu, Felt Bad And Shocked That I Took Such Action Against Him. However, Few Weeks Ago We Reconciled, But The Truth Is That I Am A Decisive Person. I Don’t Recant Or Make A U-Turn On Any Action Already Decided On.

For The Records, I Am An Authority In Legislative Matters. I Was Senior Special Assistant On Media, As Well As Senior Special Assistant On Special Duties, All At The Imo State House Of Assembly, IMHA. So I Am On Ground And Better Informed On Legislative Matters Than Most People.

I Clearly Saw The Handwriting On The Wall That Honourable Uche Ogbuagu Had Played And Shot Himself On The Foot. What Did He Do? In Terms Of Effective Representation And Legislative Responsibilities To The People Of Ikeduru State Constituency, He Has Done Marvelously Well. You Can’t Take It Away From Him. But On IMHA Leadership, He Didn’t Play The Politics Of “Rationality Calculus”, Both, Integrally And Differentially. It Will Take Many Pages Of An Article For Me To Explain This. Early This Year, 2021, As Majority Leader Of IMHA, Honourable Uche Ogbuagu Played To The Gallery By Bringing A Motion For The Urgent Amendment Of The House Order 11, Rules 61, 62 And 63, And The Amendments Were To Empower And Indeed Arm The Speaker Of Imo State House Of Assembly, IMHA, To Suspend Any Honourable Member Of The House At Will.

Unfortunately, The Motion Received Majority Support From Other 🏠 House Members. One Or Two House Members Fruitlessly Kicked Against It.

The Truth Remains That Anybody Who Visits A Native Doctor And Demands That An “ODESHI” Should Be Prepared For Him, So That Whenever A Gun Is Shot At Him, He Won’t Die, Should Expect The “ODESHI” To Be Tested On Him First. The Point I Am Making Is That Honourable Uche Ogbuagu Is A Victim Of His Own Motion, Which He Brought Before The House. So He Shouldn’t Complain And People Reportedly Sympathising With Him Should Think Again. His Amended Motion Of House Order 11, Rules 61, 62 And 63 Are Only Being Tested On Him 😂.

Six House Members Were Suspended Along With Uche Ogbuagu. The Remaining Five Members Were Simply Victims By Association. They Were Seen As Uche Ogbuagu’s “Cartel Men”. No Wonder They Suffered The Same Fate That Engulfed Uche Ogbuagu.

To Have An Ambition Is Good, But Reckless And Naked Ambition Is Very Bad. It Should Be Discouraged. It Can Lead You To Untimely Death. It Can Also Lead You To Being Suspected At Any Point In Time.

With This Indefinite Suspension Slammed On Six House Members, Their Constituencies Will Suffer Untold Neglect. Imo State Government, Especially, The Executive Arm, Will Suffer Lack Of The Function Of Oversight, To An Extent, Thereby Jeopardizing The Steady Growth Of Our Democracy . Without Strong And Effective Legislative Representation, Democracy Will Suffer Economically, Politically And Also Culturally. This Is The Prize A Society Pays When Its Legislative Representation Suffers A Set Back, Due To Careless And Reckless Ambition.

I Rest My Pen.

Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Fcai Mkda (Ekenwohia Ndigbo)

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