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Uche Nwosu’s Lawyer, Threatens Creditor With Lawsuit over shoes he bought


Tongues are wagging and speculations rife about the present financial status of former Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu’s lawyer, and two time TC chairman of Nkwerre LGA, Barr Paschal Onwukaike who is alleged to be owing for items he bought for himself and his in-law from Ikos Eng Resources Ltd, since August last year for which he has threatened his creditor, Ikenna Egejuru who asked for his money with law suit.

Narrating what transpired between him and Barr Onwukaike in an interview with Nigeria Watchdog reporter, Paschal’s creditor, Ikenna Egejuru said, “Onwukaike bought two pairs of shoes worth N95,000 from me on 18th August last year and contrary to his promise to pay cash on delivery, when I took the shoes to him, he paid only N50,000, leaving a balance of N45,000”.

“Barely two months later, he ordered another pair of shoes worth N100,000 making his bill N145,000. When he took delivery of the shoes, he paid only the previous balance of N45,000 and left another balance of N100,000. “By September 7, 202, he paid N25,000 out of the remaining N100,000 and also left a balance of N75,000. He continued this way until he bought shoes worth N180,000 and paid only the outstanding balance of N50,000”.  

“When he made another request for shoes, I refused and insisted that he must first clear his outstanding bill before  any other transaction, he flared up threatened that if I do not sell to him, he will rubbish my business, which he eventually did by posting messages on the social media that I sell fake and substandard products that are not durable”.

“On further insistence that he pays the money he owes me, several months after the transaction and after he had worn the shoes severally, he claimed that a leg of one of the shoes he bought from me, pulled out. I was shocked and apologized because that had not happened before. However, to calm frayed nerves and sustain our relationship, I told him to deduct 15k for the repairs and inconvenience caused by the purported damage, from the N180,000 he is owing me and pay me the balance of N165,000. He still refused. As at today he is still owing me and has refused to pay”. 

“Then on the 16 of October 2020, I sent him payment reminder. He started again with the issue I got angry and asked him to tell me where to meet him immediately and collect back the shoe and my balance. The shoe now 70k, I will take it back, it will be the balance of N135,000 minus 70k, that’s 65k balance. I told him that he should tell me where to come and meet him and collect my shoe that he has already worn in addition to  the 65k . From that moment Paschal disappeared, I didn’t hear from him again. After 2 weeks, I sent him a payment reminder of 135k balance, informing him that I won’t take back the shoe again. That was how we quarreled. From that September to the end of the year he didn’t pay anything out of that 135k.

Then in December 2020 Onwukaike Paschal called me pleading that I should forget all that happened, that he will pay me all my money as soon as he receives some money in few weeks time. He begged me for a favor, that I should give him one pair of Italian shoes for his in-law. He explained that his inlaw is a big man and it will be somehow if he gives him something below. I just reasoned with him as a fellow man and sent him one fine pair of Italian shoes he chose at the cost of 75k. Then, his bill became 75k plus 135k equals to 210k”.

“Our recent issue that made him boast that he will destroy my business arose from my refusal to fall for his tricks again. On the 24th of June 2020, at midnight, seeing my new updates, he requested that I call him as usual I refused. Because I don’t want to sell anything to him again till he pays my balance of 100k. He insulted me and called me a “poor boy” that made me make that post.

Meanwhile Onwukaike, in a letter addressed to Ikenna Egejuru by his lawyer, C.D. Nwakuba Esq of No. 10, 6th Avenue, Gwarinpa, Federal Capital  Territory Abuja, dated June 28, 2021, with the caption “Re: letter of Demand” A case for Paschal Onwukaike Esq said, “we have been briefed and our professional services retained by Paschal Onwukaike Esq (who shall hereinafter be referred to as our client) and it is upon his specific instructions and on his behalf that we make the following representations:

That our client is a legal practitioner who practices in Owerri, Imo State.

That on the 12th October, 2020, you made the representation to our client that you were capable of supplying a particular type of shoe to him.

That based on your representation and relying on your sense of judgment, our client ordered two pairs of Louis Volton shoe, one canvas and one office shoe.

That our client made a payment of One Hundred Thousand Naria on 13th October, 2020, as part of the Two Hundred and Five Thousand naira agreed.

That upon supply, our client discovered that the shoes were defective and not fit for the particular purpose and price for which it was supplied.

That our client subsequently informed you and demanded a refund of his money despite your plea for accommodation.

That you further pleaded with our client to subtract Five Thousand Naira and give you the balance of One Hundred Thousand naira which he vehemently refused.

That instead of returning our client’s money and collecting your inferior goods, you resorted to maligning the reputation of our client.

That based on the foregoing, we have our client’s instruction to demand for the immediate refund of the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira only.

That we give you seven (7) days to refund the aforesaid amount and render an UNRESERVED APOLOGY to our client.

That we shall use all known legal remedies available in our jurisprudence to recover the said amount.

Please let wise counsel prevail”.  

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