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Some S/East governors sponsoring Nnamdi Kanu – Northern youth leader, Shettima


The President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Yerima Shettima, has alleged that some governors in the South-East are funding the activities of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Bifara (IPOB), for their selfish political gains.

According to him, “We got a classical information that certain governors in the South-East are working round the clock funding the IPOB leader, though it is not a new thing to us to know what they are using Nnamdi Kanu to blackmail the state and unleashing terror, killings innocent Nigerians and fighting against the sovereignty of the country.

“We are aware that some governors out of fear or selfish interest are funding him behind believing that he is the only person they put before them and believing that what he is doing, they will find a means of getting to power.”

Speaking to pressmen on Thursday, Shettima explained that now that Kanu has been arrested, they (governors) are mobilising and contributing money to pay lawyers to defend him.

He added, “We are aware and have classical information and very reliable information. We know if time permits, we will expose them but we are working to see how the funding will go and how they will do it. We are willing and determined to do all it takes to ensure that nobody and we will not fold our hands and allow anybody to blackmail us simply because they want power.”

He noted that power has to follow due process and not going behind by blackmailing people through the use of a terrorist group like IPOB to fight against the state for reasons best known to them because they want power, saying, “this is unacceptable, we will resist any attempt by anybody that will not follow the due process of doing things.”

He added, “A time has come that we cannot be intimidated and nobody can push us to the wall and at the same time, we are aware of all that they are doing.”

Shettima expressed dismay with the idea of shifting power from one part of the country to the other, stressing that it is not constitutional and cannot be bidden on anybody but are working with their counterparts from other parts of the country towards producing a young and vibrant President of the country come 2023 that has the capacity and experience to credibly handle the affairs of the country.

He called on the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to monitor the sponsors of Nnamdi Kanu, saying that it must be ready to ensure they are brought to book.

He assured that in choosing the next President in 2023, age, capacity and experience would come into play, stressing that they will never allow men of yesteryear to continue to pilot the affairs of the country.

“We must produce one of our own and we will look on whoever the cap fits to occupy the position of leadership in the country. We will only allow the elders to remain as advisers where necessary but certainly, we need to channel this country in an orderly manner the way it ought to go for the betterment of all,” he added.

He expressed belief that with credible leadership in the country, all the present challenges in the country would become things of the past citing Kogi state governor as an example of who is working to ensure the state is free from kidnapping, banditry, killings and all forms of social vices.

Yerima Shettima assured that they envisage a new leadership in the country where Nigerians would have a sense of belonging and be carried along in the project called Nigeria, assuring that it will go a long way to curb the insecurity that has bedevilled most parts of the country.

“We are looking at a situation where we have responsible leadership where all Nigerians will be proud to call themselves Nigerians and work together for the overall progress, unity and development of our fatherland,” he said.

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