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Ohanaeze: Plot To Blackmail, Sabotage PG. Prof George Obiozor Using Youth Wing Uncovered


Press Statement

Internal Forces Plotting To Blackmail, Sabotage And Arm-Twist PG. Prof George Obiozor Using The Youth Wing Politics

Close and critical observation by Igbo Youth Alliance For Self-Determination into the internal politics of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has shown that all is not well with members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by PG. Prof George Obiozor.

Six months after the turbulent election that ushered in the PG. Prof George Obiozor led National Executive of the apex socio-cultural pan-igbo organization – Ohanaeze Ndigbo, we have observed the existence of dangerous cabal within the PG. Prof George Obiozor led Executive. Our source has revealed that there is ongoing secret internal power tussle in the Executive of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo. There are different political tendencies and power blocs within the Executive serving the primary political interest of their maker (their State Governor).

These individual actors are struggling to strengthen their political influence in the organization ahead of the 2023 Nigeria Presidential Election in which the Igbo of South-East extraction are strongly agitating to be given the support to produce the next President of Nigeria in 2023 noting the strategic role, influence and position of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo in that project.

Some of the political interest and blocs within the PG. Prof George Obiozor led Ohanaeze Ndigbo who has failed in their several covert attempts to unduly influence PG. Prof Obiozor to do their biddings has device another plot to ambush Prof Obiozor in other to blackmail him and hijack his leadership.

According to internal source, the new plot now include the tactical and subtle move to blackmail PG. Prof George Obiozor to compel him allow them decide the candidate who will be recognized as the President of the Ohanaeze Youth Wing. This cabal has intensive their action to blackmail and arm-twist PG. Prof George Obiozor into submission to allow this faceless cabal within his Executive to choose the candidate who will be recognize as the President of the Ohanaeze Youth Wing.

This cabal believe that if they succeed in imposing the candidate of their choice as the President of the Youth Wing, that means they have succeeded fifty percent in their plan to control the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and therefore make Prof George Obiozor be just a ceremonial President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo without powers to control the strategic component of the organization which is the Youth. This cabal are afraid that they may have divergent interest with Prof Obiozor on who the Organization may support for the President of Nigeria in 2023.

Knowing the powers that lies in the youth and the advantages of controlling the loyalty of the President of the Youth Wing, this cabal are working relentlessly to get PG. Prof Obiozor agree to their antics and therefore sub,it to their request.

These cabals always frustrate good ideas that will make PG. Prof. George Obiozor leadership to excel. Since after Dr. Ikedife led Ohanaeze Ndigbo PG. Prof. Obiozor leadership are perceived to be more Pro-active credible, with sense of direction on the workable solution to the plights of Ndigbo.

PG. Prof. Obiozor Should also identify with Igbo commoners, trade Unions, Market Union, Artisans, Transport union of various categories to give him more grass support so he can achieve his Igbo political and economic emancipation in the Nigeria project.

This should be done with utmost sincerity of purpose, with experience of Prof. George Obiozor as a seasoned diplomat, reasonable Igbo people believe that he has become the new “Dot” point Ndigbo will rally round to chat the way forward for our survival in Nigeria.

Consequent upon the above, we therefore urge PG Prof George Obiozor to remain focus, firm and determined in his efforts to reposition Ndigbo in Nigeria and bring the best for the Igbo Nation. We want Prof Obiozor to note that those sycophants that run’s you down today are the same people to mock you tomorrow once you fail.


Mazi Chukwuma Nwachi
National President, Igbo Youth Alliance For Self-determination(IYAS)

Mazi Okechukwu Ubani
National Secretary Igbo Youth Alliance For Self-determination( IYAS)
28th June, 2021

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