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What Did Rochas Okorocha Do With The N199billion He Borrowed?


While at the birthday party of the wife of the Imo State Deputy Governor, Prof Placid Njoku, the Imo State governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma revealed the ugly debt profile former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha threw Imo State into.

Despite receiving hundreds of billions in allocations, bailouts and Paris Club refunds, the news of further borrowing up to the tone of N199billion have sent shockwaves across the state, as Imolites wonder what Rochas Okorocha borrowed all that money for, and where he put it.

When Rochas Okorocha stepped aside in 2019, he left behind a state that was totally decayed.

Aside from the revelation of N199 billion loan, Okorocha left a pension burden of over N50billion. He also left behind, huge salary arrears which his immediate predecessor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, tried to address before he was removed. Senator Hope Uzodinma unfortunately, have not been sincere in addressing the salary arrears, as well as the payment of current pensions or the arrears.

Okorocha left behind a state without a single road still. standing. None of the road Okorocha built in the eight years he ran riot in Imo State was still standing by the time he stepped aside.

Today, Hope Uzodinma is still working on the roads Ihedioha started rebuilding when he took over from Okorocha. Every good road Okorocha met on ground, he destroyed and built the most substandard roads in their place.

As at when he left office, the only motorable roads left, were the ones built by Dr Ikedi Ohakim which he didn’ t destroy, as he made it his mission to destroy everything Ohakim built.

Where then did over N2 trillion of Imo money, that went through Rochas Okorocha’ s hands go to? What did he use the money for? Was he stockpiling for his presidential ambition?

Let’ s look at healthcare under Okorocha for instance. The 27 General hospitals for which he borrowed almost N27 billion to build 27 of them, were never completed. What happened to the N27 billion, when what is on ground in total is not up to N1 billion?

The water board was working before Okorocha came on board. Today, that has stopped working, and the N2 trillion wasn’ t used to revive it.

There was no empowerment programmes to better the youths, as even the N1million promised a few youths, was later discovered to be another scam.

Where then did the money disappear to because it cannot be seen anywhere in Imo State.

Probably they were used to build statues, which Okorocha valued more than human beings, the way Buhari seems to value cattle more than humans.

Would that be the kind of President we would see of Okorocha, if we send him to Aso Rock? He’ ll probably build a statue of himself in every state capital of Nigeria. No it’ s not a probability, it’ s a certainty, he will.

The N2 trillion we are looking for, is not in the lands and buildings he built for himself within the state or even outside it.

With that kind of money, somebody can afford to execute any presidential campaign, or can even afford to make any state ungovernable. With just one billion, anybody can afford to hire miscreants to make sure a state is very ungovernable, if they have things to hide and want to keep an executive occupied for as long as possible.

What is one billion out of N2 trillion? Anybody can even use two billion without batting an eye, and an entire state, which is not as rich as the individual will be running around in circles and four years will fly by without probe.

Imolites would really love to know what Okorocha did with all these monies he borrowed and collected in our name, while we expect Hope Uzodinma to reveal to us, the so- called politicians he claimed are funding terrorism in Imo State.

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