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Video: A S’East Govenror Will Be Attacked And Betrayed – Prophet Who Predicted Attahiru And TB Joshua’s Death Reveals


A Christian cleric and Prophet, Ekene Bob- Ekechukwu Esq, has revealed that a South Eastern governor may be heading for trouble soon.

Bob- Ekechukwu’ s call, is coming just as another cleric, popular televangelist, and prosperity gospel preacher, founder and senior pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly, Joshua Iginla revealed that a Nigerian govenror would be made a scapegoat soon.

Ekene Bob- Ekechukwu made this known on his Facebook page, where he usually publishes his predictions, including 82 prophesies he made at the beginning of the year, including the demise of the former Chief of Army Staff Attahiru, as well as Apostle TB Joshua.

His latest post, warning South East govenrors of impending doom, reads as follows:

On 26/05/2021 I gave a prophetic message that:

” A governor from the southeast may be attacked from an angle he least expected and betrayed by those he trusted most” .

Again, on 13/06/2021 I repeated a similar prophecy when I wrote:

” A governor in one of the southern states has already been killed and buried in the spirit realm. This will manifest in just a few days time. . . save this post! ! !

Similarly in his own prophetic message published on 21/06/2021, the famous Prophet Joshua Iginla corroborated the above prophecies which I gave earlier when he said:

” In May, I told you that I see darkness in this country and I called for prayer. We talked about May, June and July, and you can see all that has happened within the month of May and June, so many things has happened. Army General crashed, even in the Christendom so many things are happening.

I said then that I saw a dark cloud over this country. Though we’ ve been praying but we’ ve seen the effect. May God cleared the dark cloud away from this country. There is a lot of drama that will still unfold this month (June), because it’ s not over.

Another thing I saw is that, there are some wicked men. They want to use a governor in this country to make a statement and it’ s not a good one. I see a drama that is unpleasant. The wicked men are trying to make a statement and there is a governor in this country that will be use as a scapegoat to make a statement.

If this happen, it will be a shame. It’ s an internal betrayal, even the governor himself is receiving security report about it but I think he’ s not taking it serious. The governor is receiving security report about an attempt over his life but he’ s not taking it serious. I pray they don’ t capture him and make him a ridicule before killing him. Let’ s pray for the governor that God should intervene. The purpose of this revelation is not for it to come to pass but God should expose these wicked people. “

It was also revealed to me that the governor affected by this prophecy is already having a premonition of his death. He has been living in fear and rarely sleeps at night, because he sees dead people in his dreams and hears strange voices some times. In addition, he has already developed a high blood pressure presently. From what was revealed to me it appears almost impossible for the governor to escape death, except through one way. I am not permitted to say it here.

However, like Prophet Iginla said, prophecy is not for fun. It is meant to guide, save or destroy, depending on the disposition of those involved. It is advised that people, especially the individuals involved pray over prophecies and take necessary steps to avert it, before it is too late.

I am human, but I am not ordinary.

I am YAHUAH’ s Messenger.

YAHUAH is Great.

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