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Did Apostle TB Joshua Attempt To Kill Pastor Enoch Adeboye?


A video had been making the rounds on YouTube, with the senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, supposedly accusing the late televangelist and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations SCOAN, Apostle TB Joshua, of trying to kill him.

Now, there is known bad blood between both men over the years, with Pastor Enoch Adeboye, expressing his reservations concerning TB Joshua’ s miracles, and the source of his powers.

This was also the same reservation, shared by many other pastors and churches in the country, as till his death, TB Joshua was not a member of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria PFN, or the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, both organisations responsible for overseeing the activities of churches in the country.

Even in. death, the church community have maintained their reservations for the late host of the Emmanuel TV, as they have given his family and congregation the cold shoulder, refusing to recognise TB Joshua, or condole his grieving family.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye had once stated that he had never, and would probably not go to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, founded by TB Joshua, but gave condition for going, if TB Joshua was to invite him.

TB Joshua never got the chance to invite him, as he died in his sleep about two weeks ago.

The video, which was made while TB Joshua was alive, saw Pastor Enoch Adeboye lamenting about people who made car key holders, using images of himself or his wife. While frowning at it, he revealed that a member of his church, had uncovered how TB Joshua’ s picture was merged with his own picture in one of those key holders.

He concluded by asking members of his church, not to associate or patronise people who wanted him dead.

The questions begging answers now are, did TB Joshua really want to kill Pastor Enoch Adeboye, or was Adeboye referring to the makers of those key holders, who he stated wanted to land him in trouble with God?

According to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the moment a man starts claiming God’ s glory for himself, the man would be getting himself ready to die. Could this be what he meant by those who wanted him to die?

On the other hand, Pastor Enoch Adeboye gave hint, of the spiritual implications of putting the image of Apostle TB Joshua, under his image. Could it mean that it was a spiritual attack at him, using his picture?

It could be recalled that Apostle TB Joshua had mourned the death of Pastor Enoch Adeboye’ s son, Pastor Dare Adeboye, who died recently, in the same way Apostle TB Joshua died.

The silence of Pastor Enoch Adeboye towards Apostle TB Joshua’ s death, has evoked reactions across Christiandom, with people wondering why the bad blood has extended even to the grave.

Recall that several ministers have openly attacked Apostle TB Joshua, and even celebrated his death.

Former pop star and the senior pastor of the Household of God Church International, Pastor Chris Okotie had mocked TB Joshua, calling him the Wizard of Endor, who masqueraded as Emmanuel.

Okotie did not have a healthy relationship with Apostle TB Joshua while he was alive either. At a time, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was dragged into the matter, because of his closeness to Apostle TB Joshua.

Another minister, Pastor Olatobiliba Peters had claimed that God revealed to him that TB Joshua did not make heaven, because according to him, God revealed that TB Joshua’ s powers were not godly.

A Ugandan pastor, Jackson Senyonga had also joined the pack, as he labelled TB Joshua as the biggest witch in Africa.

The church community in Nigeria, have been having troubles with Apostle TB Joshua, concerning his roots, as he had failed to reveal to them, under whose mentorship, he became a minister, neither did he reveal to anybody, the church where he was baptised.

TB Joshua had repeatedly insisted that he was converted to minister for Christ, right from the womb of his mother. It was an explanation that hadn’ t gone down well with other pastors and leaders of Christian organisations.

Many now wonder, if Pastor Enoch Adeboye saw Apostle TB Joshua as a man after his life, did he even appreciate that TB Joshua mourned the demise of his son? Couldn’ t he have reciprocated TB Joshua’ s gesture, by at least offer a few words of comfort to his family?

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