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Condolence visit: Imo Police Command commends Gov.Uzodinma for peace provision


…as Governor orders shot at sight at unknown gunmen

By Dan Opara

As part of displaying his passion and love, the Imo Governor,Send Hope Uzodinnma, was on Tuesday,June 15th 2021, paid a condolence visit to the Imo State Police Command over the recent crisis and insecurity that rocked the state.

The Commissioner of Police in Imo State,CP, Abutu Yaro, thanked Gov.Hope Uzodinnma for his show of love to the Imo State Police.

Meanwhile, the Imo State Governor, Sen.Hope Uzodinnma, in his visit of condolence, described the Nigerian Police as the last hope of the common man, even as he promised to partner and supply all the sufficient materials needed to combat insecurity in Imo State.

The Governor while speaking, commended the Police for the restoration of peace in Imo,added that night lives can go on in the state.

“We shall support the Police with all our financial support available”, Gov.Uzodinma assured.

The Imo State Governor therefore ceased the opportunity and extended his condolences to the immediate families who all the security agencies who lost their loved ones during the period of unrest and crises in Imo.

He however vowed to provide an insurance company and policy that would protect the police operatives in active duties in case of eventuality or death as security agents.

“Be protected, safe guard your selves at all times, don’t allow the unknown ungunmen to kill you. Kill them first before they terminate your lives. Shot them at sight”, Uzodinma advised.

“Imo State is safe, peace has been restored in the state”, Sen.Hope submitted.

The Imo Governor in his words, commended the Nigerian Police for the zeal and capacity in the combat for peace against the detractors of the state.

“We will work with you. We must protect you. Endeavor to charge all those apprehended criminals to court. Those local thiefs are still breathing in our various villages, the police must fish them out”, Uzodinma meant.

“Walk boldly, we are solidly behind you, a social welfare package that will encourage all security agencies shall be implemented”, the Governor hinted.

Sen.Uzodinma furthermore prayed that the souls of those who departed rest in peace.

Governor Hope expressed hopefulness that crime and criminality shall soon be of a thing of the past in Imo.

He thanked President Mohammadu Buhari for his support to the growth of the state.

He condemned those he described a “Imo politicians” and charged them to repent or face the wrath of God.

The Governor however ordered the police to shot at sight on the unknown unknown gunmen in Imo.

“If they raised their guns, shot them before they shot you”, Governor Uzodinma encouraged the Police

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