Beware: How Fraudsters Will Get You Arrested As A Ritualist


A lot of people complain of a scam, which involves a call from people, asking you to send back recharge cards they sent to you.

They will usually tell you that their father mistakenly sent you recharge cards. They will plead with you to return the cards.

As a good person, you will send it back. Did you ask yourself this question; “Doesn’t his father have a copy of the message on his phone?”

That should have stopped you from picking their calls. One thing you must know, those recharge cards are fake. I just tried loading them now that they called me.

However, if you make the mistake of returning the message, you’ll then get a call, and the criminals will start praying for you.

That’s were the scam starts. Of course, they use diabolic means, but some light headed people just fall for their antics and stories of grandeur that will never come, while they siphon you of everything you have.
Now the finishing work is the one that will land you in police net as a ritualist.

When they have drained you of almost everything, they’ll now tell you about a final sacrifice, which requires human head or parts.

If you refuse, they’ll tell you the juju cannot work, and all your money they have taken from you is gone. But if you agree, and go ahead with getting the human head or parts, on that day, they’ll call you to know where you are, then send the police after you.

Beware, control your greed and stop jumping at get rich quick skims that will only land you in trouble.

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