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Insecurity in Nigeria: AGC Clergyman Pastor Prince Advises Govt, Colleagues To Seek The Face Of God


Pastor Prince Ukwu, a notable clegyman with Assemblies of God Church, AGC, Nigeria has called on his colleagues and Nigerians in general to seek the face of God in the face of the incessant security threats across the country on daily basis.

The Pastor made the call following the level of banditry,herdsmen-farmers clashes, extrajudicial killings, and kidnapping in the country and Imo State in particular while noting that Leaders both in Sacred and Circular part of the society have failed.

He stressed that the government has lost the trust of the masses as many sectors have incurred losses as a result of the insecurity in the land and called on the powers that be to do the needful to restore peace in the state as well as the confidence of the people in governance.

“On the other hand when the government failed it’s expected that the church leaders should rise to the occasion and condemn the abnormalities without fear of favour, and should also suggest possible ways out of the mess. That is what we read every day in the Bible, the Pastors, Prophets, and other Men called of God are called to keep watch over the city, and if they go blind the entire city goes blind, and if they are silent, things will go bad”

Pastor Ukwu who is also an Ambassador said the time is ripe for Church leaders, clergymen as well as the federal

and state governments to go back to the drawing board and as well call for a Solemn Assembly to find lasting solutions to problems facing the country.

“This time I expect both the government and the church leaders to call for SOLEMN ASSEMBLY, we need to go back to God; cry, pray, seek His face, confess our sins and He(God) will hear us from heaven and heal our land” 2Chronicles 7:14.

“We need God’s intervention in our dear State and Nigeria in general, the governor Hope Uzodinma I read said he can not fix the insecurity alone. That is a pure confession but he needs to come out clear by inviting the people who have solutions to the problem, he should be the one to call them, not waiting for them to come.

The man of God noted that Governor Uzodimma did well to have dissolved his cabinet but prays he gets better people on board on constituting the next cabinet while calling on Men of God to seek the face of God for the country.

“One good thing done by the Governor was to dissolve his executive council and now he should look for people who should tell him the bitter truth and not praise singers. He should look for genuine Church leaders to advise him prayerfully”

“The church on their own should call for a day of prayers(Solemn Assembly) to seek for God to intervene in our state Imo, and Nigeria at large and it should a routine event”


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