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I’m Proudly A Spare Parts Dealer, A Small Dot – Nigerian tells Buhari


Proudly A Spare Parts Dealer, Small Dot, Big People

Only God Knows What Moses Passed Through In The Hands Of Israelites, But Look At Israel Today.

According to the Book of NUMBERS 14:1-10 Moses was abused, cursed, rebooked, called names and almost stoned by the same Israelites he gave in his all for, because his method, message and vision wasn’t clear to them.

In the Verse 2 and 3 of that Chapter, they made this statement “We wish we had died in Egypt or somewhere out here in the desert! Is the Lord leading us into Canaan, just to have us killed and our women and children captured? We’d be better off in Egypt. Let’s choose our own leader and go back to Egypt.”

In Verse 8 of that Chapter, Joshua and Caleb told them that if they obey the Lord, he will surely give them that land rich with MILK and HONEY. And in Verse 9, he advised them not to rebel.

But did they see reasons to believe in Moses? In Verse 10, The crowd threatened to stone Moses and Aaron to death.

Many times, I do not agree with Nnamdi Kanu’s method, especially the intolerance of the IPOB members and sympathisers online, but then again, Chief Ralph Iwazurike failed with his own Method.

Today, there is a discussion ongoing for constitutional amendment; there is protests ongoing in the North for Referendum by Northern women; BIAFRA is a topic in the country and the Oduduwas finally found their voices. All Credit to Nnamdi Kanu.

Imagine a very soft coward Nnamdi Kanu facing Buhari with all the threats, blazing hate and intimidation, he will capitulate. We have leaders who are too afraid to speak up today, because the tendencies of Buhari threatens them and sends shivers down their spines.

Nnamdi Kanu is who he is today because of the leadership vacuum created by the South East Leaders. In the abscence of leadership just as no South East leader has deemed it fit to respond to Buhari’s comment on Igbos being a “small Dot” and having properties in other parts of the country and being, Nnamdi Kanu comes in stronger to close that leadership gap.

You can keep deceiving yourself, but Buhari’s comment was 100% against the Igbos, because it is not IPOBs that own businesses and Properties all over the country, it is the Igbos that own businesses and Properties all over the country.

And absolutely nothing will happen to our properties and businesses if we secede by Referendum. We have businesses in Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Asia and all over the world, we are not in the same country with them.

There is nothing wrong is seeking to secede from Nigeria if Nigeria saw the need to fight for independence against Colony. To be free is to be free either by Secession or Independence. It is a right and should be respected without issuance of threats.

As much as we want this freedom, we should also recognize the fact that the people of the Niger Delta have the same rights to decide their fate, too.

The Ijaws, Itshekiris, Ibibios, Urhobos, Isokos, Efik, Ikweere people all have same rights to decide what they want for themselves too. They can never be forced into a union just as we have always claimed to be forced into a union with Nigeria.

There is no issue if the people will have to decide through a referendum. If during the Referendum the Niger-Deltans expresses their desire to be part of BIAFRA, then it’s fine, else I suggest we leave them alone; Otherwise, we will be commiting the same sins of forcefully keeping us together as we accuse Nigeria today.

South-South through their votes will decide thier fate whether to remain with Nigeria, go with Biafra or secede on their own. The Igbo speaking Communities there will decide what they want and can be included. It is completely their right and decision to make.

There are a lot of South Southerners who are interested in Biafra, they will make their choices by consent and not by coarse, intimidation or blackmail.

The fact that there is someone like Joe Igbokwe from Anambra who doesn’t want Biafra does not mean all Anambra people doesn’t want Biafra.

Those who want it will join and those who doesn’t will go where they want. But when that time comes, there will be a CONVERSATION, there will be a NEGOTIATION, there will be DEMANDS, ACCEPTANCE and AGREEMENTS before any part(s) of those contained in the map will decide.

Deciding this for the South Southerners is not an easy decision to make, they will have to take a good deal from the Biafra or remain with the devil they know.

And Nnamdi Kanu alone will not decide how BIAFRA will be formed when the time comes. Biafra will be Governed by law and we will all have a say, he is no Lord or Paramount King of Biafra, he is the leader of IPOB.

There are many other powerful Biafran people from South East and South-South at home and in Diaspora secretly behind him too, he is just the catalyst amplifying the movement just as Moses did for Isrealites when they needed freedom.

Let all the South-South people be calming down with their signs of Insecurity, no one will force anyone into a Union.

I am Awurum Darlington,
Proudly A Spare Parts Dealer
Small Dot, Big People.

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