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TB Joshua: Wizardry And Why The Christian Community Shunned Him Even In Death


Even in life, the late Apostle TB Joshua was shrouded in mystery. This was probably the reason why Nigerian churches, and Christian organisations such as CAN, turned their backs to him, even in death.

A friend wondered the reason for the cold treatment of the Christian community, to the sudden death of TB Joshua.

There are probably many reasons for the behaviour, by the Christian community, against TB Joshua. Firstly, the Nigerian Churches hate mystery and suspected magical appearance.

You can use magic or mysticism in your healing ministry, but your path to spiritual growth must be clear to everyone.

The Christian community, that is the churches, must know how you started and whom you served. Almost every minister has a root, or who they came through. Apostle TB Joshua practically jumped out from nowhere, and that is one thing that has worried the Christian community.

To them, he was seen as a mystic demon without root. They asked him to explain how and where he was baptised, how and where he received his message.

Just like when armed Robbers enters your Compound, you will ask ” who is there? “

The Christian communities severally asked him ” who are you? ” and till he died, TB Joshua vehemently refused to answer the simple question, giving muscle to gossip and untrustworthy conspiracy theories.

CAN rejected him. Pentecostal Churches rejected him and I cannot on my grandmother’ s grave remember whom he was associated with. That’ s a mystery.

The closest he came to saying something revealing about himself, was when wrote that ” in a heavenly vision he had received divine anointing and a covenant from God to start his ministry. Following this, Joshua founded the ministry organisation known as Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN)”

TB Joshua didn’ t follow any style they understood. His ways, his miracles, his prophesies and his controversies, didn’ t sit well with the church community.

Fellow pastors viewed him with suspicion in life. Now they view him with unsiderable spiritual scrimmage even in death.

Chris Okotie’ s public celebration of TB Joshua’ s death, branding him a wizard, has further confirmed the general belief in the Church community, against TB Joshua.

The many controversial episodes in his life and church, from former members of his church, alleging spiritism and diabolism, haven’ t helped change that narrative.

The behaviour of the Nigerian church community at TB Joshua, even in death didn’ t come as a surprise. To them, he was never a minister of God.By Chimamanda Akuwudike

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