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Hope Uzodinma Should Disembark From The High Horse


by Awurum Darlington

Dear Governor Hope Uzodimma, I will rather skip courtesy and go straight to the points. Please sir, since you admitted you invited the murderous Nigerian Military into our state, have they not killed Innocent people enough? If you wanted meat, do you not have enough? Have you visited FMC to confirm the alleged scores of innocent youths murdered in cold blood and dumped there by your guests? Can you now please sir, send your Military guests out of the State Capital and have them wedge this war at the entrances of the state Capital, where there will be no much Civilian casualties until you finish grandstanding?

Can you also tell your invited Militia to stop breaking into school hostels to Rape our girls and abduct male students for slaughter? Those students didn’ t create the Unknown Gunmen, the Government did. The Unknown Gunmen are seen parading the streets freely and that’ s where your guests should take their revenge. Please sir, stop your blood thirsty guests from making innocent parents Childless.

What makes a great leader is his ability to surmount difficult situations. And to be a good leader, you must learn to sometimes drop your ego, retrace your steps, find where you got it all wrong, take responsibility and redress it.

That’ s an honorable thing to do at this critical time. Leadership is service, it is not a call to lord over everyone and enslave your subjects, it is not a call to flex Political powers and abuse authority, It is not a call to kill your subjects because of faceless invaders.

The questions every Imolite with good conscience should ask himself are: Who exactly are the primary targets of these ” Unknown Gunmen” ? Who are they looking for? Why are they coming into the State Capital? Are they robbing banks? Are they delibrately coming to shoot at Civilians? Are they not coming to look for the Military and Police men who the Governor said he invited and camped in a city with much Civilian Casualties to record?

So, why did the Governor bring the same hunted Military and Police men into the Capital City to turn the State Capital into a war zone, when he is aware that this guys are only coming into the City to look for police and Army?

Why are the Military men wedging this war in the capital city, instead of wedging it at every entry points of the state, so that we avoid Civilian Casualties and collateral damages inside the State Capital? Why are our leaders this unbelievable? As a citizen, you are more pathetic when you support their carelessness and cluelessness without reasoning.

When this insecurity was still in the incubator, I pleaded with the Governor to take a step either forward and have that all important conversation, or take a step backwards and watch things get messy; the same defenders of bad Government who were too blind to even see beyond their noses, called it a bluff. They rather told us how the Governor would make a man a woman and make a woman a man should anyone do waley waley.

Till this moment, we still have Armed Non State Actors coming into the State feely, as if they own the state.

Yesterday, i noticed that the Governor called a joint meeting of Traditional Rulers and IMC chairmen, that is good, but it still looks like a joke. That conversation process is exactly part of what i captured in my last memo to the 3R Government, the same thing I have been saying. However, whatever conversation(s) we must have concerning this issue, the Governor must make sure it is not seen as. . . nor assumed to have Political undertone. He must not play politics with it else, its failure will rejuvenate some of the hibernated crises.

At the moment, everyone in Nigerian is looking at the highest level of leadership incompetence in our history, yet, we are making excuses for the Government.

Something is definitely wrong with the heads of black men. (Suffer heads)

Isn’ t it obvious that Nigeria is already a failed State? What exactly are the indexes of a failed State? Can’ t you see that the Non State Actors are almost possessing equal power with the assumed legitimate Government that has fought Bokoharam for years and counting?

1. A Government that blamed PDP for her leadership failures?

2. A Government that blames Bokoharam for her leadership failures?

3. A Government that blames IPOB/ESN for her leadership failures?

4. A Government that blames silent opposition for her leadership failures?

5. A Government that brought Military into her state capital to wedge war against Armed Non State Actors coming into the capital from Rural Areas.

6. A Government that is currently blaming her Citizens for her leadership failures.

What else are the indexes of a failed Government?

If you are blind, can’ t you hear? If you are deaf, can’ t you feel it? If you are paralysed, are you also dense like a rock? It is obvious the center can no longer hold.

We must put our voices together and ask the Governor to order the Military he admitted to have Invited, to vacate the State Capital and go to the Capital City entrances. Even if this call bruises his ego. The opposition is not to blame, the Government has failed to rise up to her responsibility in leadership, administration and management.

Not until this insecurity gets to a point where the Governor will turn to the main Wailer in Chief, none of you will see the reasons to tell him to disembark the high horse and do the right thing.

Is it until it degenerates to the point where government appointees and Politicians will be the targets? I bet you, when it gets to that point, the governor himself will be the Chief negotiator negotiating with bandits, and you will bury your faces in shame.

Dear Governor sir, thank you for inviting them, it is okay, tell them to go and wait for these guys at the entrances. They always come into the City with cars snatched from outside the City, why lure them into the City when you can face them out of town?


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