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Imo PDP Just Confirmed Their Threats Of Making Imo State Ungovernable – Ambrose Nwaogwugwu Insists


— Now Dancing On The Gravesides Of Imo People

— Why The Security Agencies Must Expedite Action In Inviting Ihedioha And Imo PDP NOW!

Penultimate day ago when I wrote about the need for security agencies to invite Hon. Emeka Ihedioha for questioning over his conspicuous silence on the ongoing attacks on the state government and the people of the state, some people called me names.

Ever since I made that patriotic demand; it has been from one death threat to another from the terrorists and criminal elements loyal to Ihedioha and his party heightening the more need why the security operatives MUST do their work now.

The recent press conference by Imo PDP is a glaring pointer to the criminal and complicit silence of Ihedioha over the destruction of the state by terrorists and criminal elements loyal to him and enjoying the massive support of his party and also confirming carrying out their threats of making the state Ungovernable which his Deputy Hon. Gerald Irona made.

Hon. Irona boasted that they were going to make the state Ungovernable should the Supreme Court not reverse their judgement and with what is currently playing out and the party openly coming with their evil demands, critical minds can connect the dots to give in as an endorsement of their earliest threats which they have religiously commenced carrying out.

Irona is from Oguta – an enclave reputed for their militancy. Close friends and associates of Irona on more than one occasion has it that the former illegal Deputy Governor of the state is always in the habits of boasting over his prowess in mobilizing the militants in their large numbers to do their bidding.

With Ihedioha’s continued conspicuous silence, one can easily opine without mincing words that he is fully aware of their evil conspiracies of making the state Ungovernable.

For those of us that have been in the system; all I could hear from the wordings of the press conference were clearly the voices of Ihedioha’s loudly unspoken words of silence.

In Ihedioha’s silence are large words filled with so many connotations as the party has left no one in doubt over their criminal complicity in the raging terroristic invasions of the state.

That the only demand of the PDP in the state in the view of what is currently happening in the state security wise was the resignation of the #PeoplesGovernor tells a billion words of the unspoken words of Ihedioha and his confirmation of the threats of making the state Ungovernable.

By implication of the evil calls of the PDP: they must burn down the state and ready to murdèr every single soul opposed to their return to Imo State Government house thru their militia wings masquerading as freedom fighters.

Their only condition for peace is government house; anything contrary, Imo State can be razed down for all Ihedioha and Imo PDP care.

Such a desperate, blood thirsty and irresponsible bunch.

The party has shown to the whole world that they are not only directionless but clueless and tactless, and evil to even pose as a credible alternative.

The main duty of an opposition party that knows their being called the name is to provide a formidable alternative to the people in place of the ruling government but this party has completely lost it that they are only interested in grabbing power by all means even if it takes murderị́ng every living soul in the state anf dancing on the gravesides of all Imolites.

But the ugly news for them is that the majority of Imo people are now resolved to protect their states from their enemies and solidly behind the people’s governor and no amount of sponsored terrorism against the state can stop the wheels of development being executed by the Shared Prosperity Government of the #PeoplesGovernor Hope Uzodimma.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
June 04, 2021.

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