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Like Mbaka, Uzodinma May Have Ignored Gulak After His Swearing In As Imo Governor


The revelation of abandonment at the hands of Senator Hope Uzodinma, by Catholic priest, and administrator of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, took Nigerians by storm, as Mbaka was the last person anybody expected, would turn against Uzodinma.

Mbaka gave the controversial prediction, that saw the emergence of Senator Hope Uzodinma, as govenror of Imo State, following an equally controversial ruling of the Supreme Court.

Mbaka lamented, that Hope Uzodinma stopped picking his calls after he was sworn in as Imo governor.

But before Mbaka came into the picture, there was Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, who practically made Hope Uzodinma the Candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC, even though the ticket is still in contention at the Supreme Court, owing to the fact, that the same Supreme Court, had earlier declared Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, the Son- In- law of former governor as the authentic candidate of the party.

The news of Gulak’ s murder today, the 30th of May, 2021 in Owerri, the capital Territory of Imo State, came as a shock.

More disturbing, was the news that he was travelling in an Uber when he was killed.

For a man, who practically perfected, and implemented the Ben Johnson Way, Hope Uzodinma became known for, Nigerians had expected better means of conveyance, judging by the fact that he visited the state of a man he made govenror.

This realisation of the poor means of conveyance he was afforded in Imo State, have made Nigerians to wonder, if Gulak was also given the same treatment Mbaka was given.

Like Mbaka was cast aside, after carrying out his side of the deal, for which he got a hefty donation to his ministry, Nigerians wonder, if Gulak had also been cast aside, having done his part, of perfecting the Ben Johnson Way.

Verbatim News correspondent Mercy Anaele, was in Owerri to sample the opinion of the people, and several of them had the following to say.

” I still cannot believe it, ” Chidi, a loyalist of former governor, Rochas Okorocha said. ” Even common councilors can even afford some level of security to move around. That a whole Gulak was travelling in a taxi leaves a lot of questions to be answered. “

Chinyere, a trader had the following to say, ” Gulak should have been hosted by the government. They can’ t claim they weren’ t aware of his visit. The know the state is not safe, and they didn’ t provide him with necessary security while he was here. I still can’ t believe this story of an Uber. “

Abiodun, a Yoruba man who has lived almost all his life in Imo stated, ” I don’ t suspect IPOB like some people are claiming. The police should investigate this matter and tell us what happened. Hope Uzodinma claimed that disgruntled politicains were behind the insecurity in the state. There are many politicains in the state, who may not have been happy with Gulak, especially over how he delivered Hope Uzodinma. “

Musa, a bureau the change operator stated, ” I’ m disappointed with Hope Uzodinma. How can Gulak come to Imo, and be driving around in a Taxify? Maybe he also stopped talking to him after his swearing in, like he did to Mbaka. “By Chimamanda Akuwudike

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