Ihedioha’s Return Will Not Guarantee An End To Insecurity In Imo State


by Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

…but it would restore confidence and willingness in the people to stamp it out

Recently, aides of Senator Hope Uzodinma, have resorted to begging Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, to speak out against the spate of insecurity in the state.

Probably realising that the questionably legitimacy, of the man seated in Douglas House, cannot instill the required confidence and trust in Imo people, that can help in the fight against the insecurity in the state, they decided to try blackmailing Ihedioha to speak. Unfortunately, trying to blackmail Ihedioha into speaking was a wrong move.

One can liken it to another attempt by Senator Hope Uzodinma, at using the Ben Johnson Way to getting things done for him.

Prophet Elijah Ayodele, while talking to Senator Hope Uzodinma, pointed out that he was not the rightful person for the position he was occupying, and it was responsible for the level of unrest in Imo State.

Awurum Darlington, in his article, further pointed out that Uzodinma did not have the ears, or the eyes of the gods of the land.

An All Progressives Congress APC chieftain I was talking with this morning, while the sounds of gunshots came from all around us, stated that Hope Uzodinma really came to work, but the foundation he came through was the problem.

I agreed with him. It is written in the Holy Bible, that a house built on faulty foundations, would not stand. Is that what we are seeing in Imo State?

The chieftain even expressed doubts, that Uzodinma truly invited the military to Imo State, knowing that statement was a political suicide, rather he believes that Uzodinma was acting a script handed over to him, by those who can reawaken the Philip Umeadi case, at a snap of their finger.

But can a return of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, to Douglas House, bring about an automatic end to insecurity in Imo State?

The answer is no.

However, the return of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, would return to the people, a confidence that was lost, the da their voice was ‘stolen’, by a very controversial ruling of the Nigerian Supreme Court. A confidence needed, to make them join hands with government to stamp out Insecurity in the state.

The return of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, will bring with it, a legitimacy, that would propel the people of Imo State, to sit up and join hands with the government to restore peace in the state.

A return of the dully voted and elected governor of Imo State, will instill support from the people of Imo State, forcing the perpetrators of those actions, to look elsewhere, or force the people to turn on them.

When a people have lost confidence in the man at the top, they become nonchalant, and reluctant to help somebody they have deemed as illegitimate.

Your assurances are like toilet paper to the people, if they have no respect for you, and I don’t think anybody will have respect for a person who they think stole from them.

For starters, Ihedioha would never have invited the type of “shoot first and don’t bother asking questions later”, security operatives into Imo State, to “protect” the people. Their protection have seen the deaths and unlawful detentions of Imolites at their hands, and Uzodinma have turned deaf and dumb to all that, further giving credence to the thought, that he wasn’t acting at his own will, but at the dictates of others.

Ihedioha, as a man who didn’t steal his vote, and who has the legitimate support of the people, would not take orders from anybody, to invite soldiers into Imo State, and cause the lose of lives we have been seeing since then.

I think there would have been more professionalism amongst security operatives, if Ihedioha was on seat, rather than the lack of it we see today, where security operatives who are supposed to restore calm, are causing panic and unrest in the state, by their harassment and their sporadic shootings. After the EndSARS protest, our security operatives should have been creating trusts amongst the people, rather than further chasing the people away. That way, the people wlll even join hands with them to fish out criminals, rather than run away from security operatives, for fear of stray bullet.

That word ‘stray bullet’, have been used as an excuse for so long to kill innocent Nigerians. How can bullet stray from a professional? Unless they are telling us that we gave guns to unprofessional operatives.

Violence has never been the answer to any situation. America is still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan till date, because they chose the warpath, instead of peaceful resolution. Every day, young soldiers, with bright futures end up in body bags because of the faulty decisions of our leaders.

Trying to use force to bend a people, only strengthens their will.

When the people fear our security operatives, more than they fear the criminals, and with bloody reasons, it tells you how badly our leaders and security organisations have fared.

I’m of the view that a return of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, can bring that back.

There are people in Abuja, who want peace in Nigeria. People who with one phone call, can do the right thing, and compel the Supreme Court to open the file containing the Philip Umeadi suit, which has been gathering dust since. It beholds on you to make steps towards any way that could restore peace in Imo State and the South East, and like Ayodele stated, bring Ihedioha back as govenror of Imo State, will be the first step towards restoring peace in the region.

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