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You Were Given A Half Death Rattlesnake To Manage, Former APC Publicity Secretary Hits PDP New Media Director


Mr. FCC Jones Onwuasoanya, a former aide to the former governor of Imo State, and Senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha, have lashed out at the Imo State Peoples Democratic Party PDP, New Media Director, Mr. Collins Opurozor, following at attack on the former governor, by Opurozor.

Onwuasoanya was a former Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress APC in Imo State, and belongs to the Rochas Okorocha faction of the APC in the state.

Onwuasoanya who took a swipe at former governor of Imo State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, stated that the PDP was like a half dead rattlesnake, without head or tail. His full response reads as follows:

My brother Collins Opurozor accused me of ahistoricism because I made an observation about the PDP’s suspicious and irresponsible call for “demilitarization” in Imo. Let me say that I fully understand the predicament of Collins. Just like I told him the very first day he announced his switchover to the PDP as its New Media DG; He was given a half dead rattlesnake to tend to. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is left with a Party with neither head nor tail, Collins would have taken up the challenge better, but he had to resort to fallacy in a bid to fill up the pages rather than make any efforts at puncturing my argument, because, basically he had nothing, otherwise to say.

When I put up a disclaimer here many weeks ago, announcing that I don’t write for anyone anymore, Collins certainly read it, but I understand his frustration with lacking any response to me, hence, his resort to digging up pictures of an IICC edifice which the disgraced PDP sole-proprietor in Imo State destroyed during his short lived illegal term as governor of Imo State. Do we forget that this PDP sole-proprietor’s first ever job as an illegitimate governor of the State was a failed demolition of one of Okorocha’s signature projects, and he eventually left office without completing a single project, except the expansion of his private residences?

Collins was so unequipped with a response that he had to fill up the pages by talking about North-Rhine Westphalia and Berlin, which are completely irrelevant to the argument raised. I will leave the response as regards to the successes or otherwise of strategies so far adopted in trying to quell the disturbances in Imo to the media handlers and spokespersons of the equally confused and obviously ill-prepared figurehead running the affairs of that my dear State at the moment. My interest is for the peace and security of Imo and not about who is in charge of the State. Hope has brought hopelessness to Imo, but as long as the security situation in the State is concerned, he is justified calling for help from federal troops and it is only those who have something to hide that would condemn the invitation of security operatives to rid the State of miscreants.

The PDP’s interventions so far, as long the insecurity in Imo State have been way below standard and looks more like altercations of badly tutored SUG talkatives. We are talking about the security and safety of the State and this is not the first time the State is experiencing this kind of crisis. We have had a worst crisis in the past and we know how the PDP administration at the time tackled it. A responsible opposition would have made recommendations rather than calling for the governor’s resignation or impeachment as they have regularly done.

It was during the PDP administration of Chief Achike Udenwa that more than 200 MASSOB supporters were massacred in Okwe, Onuimo LGA of the State. It should be noted that the MASSOB under Chief Uwazurike had a clearly stipulated strategy of; NON-VIOLENCE, NON EXODUS and at no time did we hear or see their militants raze police stations or kill innocent police officers, yet, Udenwa, a PDP governor and currently a PDP leader ordered for their massacre. Up till date, the PDP has not apologized for that unwarranted massacre of innocent Igbo youths, but they are advising the Governor of Imo State to recall the military men deployed to keep the peace in the State, so that, probably, they will have an opportunity to scorn the government for failing to protect the people when the hooligans they let loose on the State succeed in maiming more lives and destroying more properties in the state.

By tomorrow, I will give a more detailed chronology of how the PDP under Ihedioha had responded with disproportionate force to little skirmishes they encountered during the illegal interregnum that had him as governor.

Like I had written in the past, I will reiterate it here that I speak for no one and I take clearance from no one to make my interventions on issues of governance, especially, as it concerns my State at this time. This is no time to play politics, but a time to play the citizen.


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