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OYC Passed Vote of Confidence on Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu


…Sue For Peace


Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) Sue For Peace at Federal College Of Education
Eha-Amufu: Passed Vote of Confidence on Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu

The attention of the Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) has been drawn to an online post which made some mischievous statements against the Provost of Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu, Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu, calling for her sack, under the guise of “Ohanaeze Youth Wing Enugu State Chapter” and we wish to state as follows:

Addressing the press men in Enugu on Wednesday 26th May 2021 by the National President of Ohanaeze Youth Council-Oyc Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka who led a delegation of the council to the College, the Council noted that the so-called group, Ohanaeze Youth wing Enugu state chapter being paraded by one Nnamdi Odo is unknown and not part of the Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) in Enugu state. Therefore, whatever statement they have written or issued in our name is hereby nullified and voided and has no form of effect on the parties concerned. We strongly condemn their actions and plead to dissociate ourselves from their antics.

The Ohanaeze Youth Council-Oyc preliminary findings revealed that a chief lecturer of the institution, one Dr. Ik Agbo because of his interest to be the next Provost to the College is sponsoring this group of impostors parading themselves as Ohanaeze Youth wing Enugu state. Dr Ik Agbo is currently facing an investigation/disciplinary panel over allegations of admission fraud involving extortion of money from students running into millions which he(Dr. Ik Agbo) admitted to.

From information made available to us, Nnamdi Odo and others working with Dr. Ik Agbo are beneficiaries of the said fraud. The extent of their engagement so far had gone a long way to prove their level of desperation in doing just anything to foist unwarranted issues. Therefore, the Council resolved that if they continue disrupting the peace of the university community, the Council will have no other choice than to write to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related Crimes Commission (ICPC) for the arrest of the culprits.

From the foregoing, the 17 count allegations leveled against Dr. Mrs Pauline Ikwuegbu as presented to Presidential Panel is unfounded, biased, predetermined and induced by Dr. Ik Agbo and his cohorts who obviously doesn’t want the social, academic and environmental development of the institution. They create disaffection, disunity and dichotomy against Igbo people in the institution through their parochial way of thinking. This kind of act is vehemently opposed by Ohanaeze Youth Council and Ndigbo at large.

We want categorically state that the so-called Nnamdi Odo is not a Member or Exco of Ohaneze Youth Ndigbo and does not represent the principle, philosophy and ideology of Igbo brotherhood embedded in the concept of Onye Aghala Nwanne ya, Nwanne di na mba and Igwebuike. We, therefore declare that Igbos are one irrespective of the state they come from and shall have equal rights, equal opportunities, privileges and justice anywhere within or outside Alaigbo.

As the Jews in Israel see themselves as one indivisible entity irrespective of their different tribes, so the OYC assert that Ndigbo should see themselves in the same manner as one indivisible race without any expression of state sentiments. Anyone bringing such sentiment in Igboland, henceforth, will be seen as an outcast.

We wish to apologize to the college community, the student union, Eha-Amufu community and Ndigbo at large for this public disgrace orchestrated by Nnamdi Odo and his cohorts being sponsored by Dr. Ik Agbo and political elements.

The Council after touring round the College and meeting with the College management discovered as follows:

(A) Under her administration, the College Provost, Dr. Mrs Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu, upgraded the institution from a glorified secondary school it used to be to a standard degree-awarding institution affiliated with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Formerly, the institution only awards NCE certificates but today awards degrees to its students.

B) The Provost revamped the two school hostel including three hostels under renovation, upgraded certain facilities, installed solar electricity system so that the students could have access to power supply at night for their studies, thereby solving the issue of recurrent power failure in the institution.

C) She also revitalized the moribund water plant in order to make water available for the students. Certain tanker motor vehicle bringing water to the students which broke down before she resumed office was fixed to continue its services for the students.

D) She started working on several abandoned projects in the institution before her arrival of which she mobilized certain contractors back on site. Work resumed again on abandoned buildings in the institution while new ones are coming up. Today, virtually most abandoned projects has been completed.

E) The Provost, realizing that there is a serious brain drain in the College as a result of inadequate lecturing staff, met with relevant regulatory agencies and with the permission of the College Governing Council, recruited about 300 staff from different states of the federation, in line with the provisions of the federal character commission. She also ensured the promotion of all staff whose promotion were delayed due to one stigma or another in order to create balance, peace and cohesion among indigenous and non-indigenous staff in the institution.

F) She brought in certain positive changes, enforcing standard policies in the institution, begining with staff reorientation and ensuring strict adherence to the NCCE, NUC and other relevant bodies’ guidelines in order to bring the College at par with other sister institutions in the country.

G) Before her arrival at the institution, the security situation in the College community was nothing to write home about but she confronted the security challenges by liaising and collaborating with traditional rulers and other community leaders.

H) There were frequent record of robbery incidents in and around the school community which forced some financial banking institutions operating in that area to close up and vacate. But the Provost was able to attract some financial institutions to the College community for the financial transactions of staff and students.

I) She put up a High School system in the institution known as Demonstration Secondary School of Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu. Hitherto, the institution only boasted of a nursery and primary school sections which were not properly managed and maintained as it recorded low level of enrollment of pupils.
Dr. Mrs. Ikwuegbu ensured that the nursery and primary schools structures were upgraded and renovated to standard and those improvements contributed to the high enrollment of pupils witnessed today in the school system.

J) She ensured that the school environment is always kept tidy, and that nearby grasses are cleared regularly. She set up a task force for this purpose and ensured that workers are serious with their work.

K) Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ikwuegbu brought in several other developments which improved staff and students’ welfare in the College.

L) The Council after meeting with Mr. Paschal Eze former SUG who made two appeals that will bring peace in the College which includes releasing of 15 students results that was seized due to students protest crises and renovating of Students hostels, and this appeal has been granted by the management of the college. Hence these two appeals have been accepted and the implementation is ongoing, anyone or group found constituting trouble or blackmailing the college and its management must be handed over to security enforcement agents.

M) We Caution all aggressive actors, Dr. Ik Agbo, Nnamdi Odo and others causing trouble to desist from any act capable of denying the college and Enugu people the peaceful environment they are enjoying.

N) We commend the effort all the stakeholders in Ehu-Amufu and Isiuzo LGA, Prof Hilary Edeoga Odo( Former Vice Chancellor Michael Okpara University of Agriculture) HRH Eze Samuel Ogbodo(Chairman Isiuzo council of traditional Rulers and others for their supportive gesture to Dr. Ikwuegbu Pauline administration.

O) Finally, with above narratives and findings, Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC) hereby pass vote of Confidence on Dr. Mrs Ikwuegbu Pauline and her management team in Federal College of Education Ehu- Amuhu Isi-Uzo Enugu State.

Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka
National President Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC)
Dr. Gif Nwanaga
National Secretary General Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC)
26th May 2021

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