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I made you politically, Ok 2000 blast Imo Speaker


An Eminent Elder statesman in Imo State, Chief John Enyogasi (Alias OK2000) has expressed his sadness over the way and manner the current Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Paul Emeziem, has seemingly abandoned him after he helped the Speaker become whatever he is today in politics.

Addressing newsmen at Okwe, the headquarters of Onuimo L.G.A recently, he bemoaned the ill treatment, neglect and ingratitude he has been receiving from Speaker Emeziem.

He said, “After God, I made Speaker Emeziem whatever he is politically today. I was instrumental to the creation of Onuimo LGA during the regime of General Sanni Abacha. When Onuimo was created, I was instrumental to Emeziem emerging as a sole administrator first before he became a substantive and elected local government chairman of Onuimo LGA. In the present political dispensation, I supported him both morally and financially as the candidate of the of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) for the Onuimo candidate for the House of Assembly. I was happy he won against the candidates of other political parties, but could you believe that the Speaker hasn’t paid me a courtesy visit since he became the Speaker let alone caring about my welfare.”

The Chairman/ founder of Okigwe Construction Company lamented the ingratitude of some people he had helped to rise in politics that have today forgotten him and said that such attitude is very unfortunate.

He particularly expressed sadness that his political contemporaries like Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and Senator Arthur Nzeribe do not suffer the same fate unlike him.

According to him, “The political sons and associates of Chief Iwuanyanwu and Senator Nzeribe are still grateful to them till today. Chief Gerald Ironna was made what he is in politics, from councilor to Deputy Governor. And the young man (Ironna) has continued to express his gratitude publicly to Senator Nzeribe. That is how it should be. The same thing applies to Chief Iwuanyanwu and his political sons and associates. But in my own case, it is a sad development. Granted that I don’t have too much formal education unlike Nzeribe and Iwuanyanwu, but God has used me to raise many people politically, especially from Onuimo LGA. I am very saddened by the ingratitude from some of them”.

He continued, “The Imo State government owes me a lot of money for past projects I executed as a contractor. Of a truth, the contracts were not done under this present government of Governor Hope Uzodinma and I am not apportioning any blame on him for the non-payment of this money yet to me but since government is a continuum, I am very hopeful that the government will look into the matter and pay me. The worse part of it is that these contracts were executed with loans borrowed from banks and the interest on these loans has been piling up for years which I must still pay. I do not want to stampede or put pressure on Governor Uzodinma about this debt owed me because the governor is still facing a lot of challenges at the moment, but I plead with him to look into my case when the situation in the state calms down”.

He argued that he expected Speaker Emeziem, who is the number three citizen of the state, to be his eyes in this present government and champion his cause and reminded the Speaker that power is transient which doesn’t last forever, noting hat “does the Speaker expect whoever he himself helps politically in his lifetime to also forget him in future as he (The Speaker) is doing to him today?”.

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