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Marketing Hope Uzodinma has become the hardest job in Imo State


It has without argument, become even harder for the media handlers of Senator Hope Uzodinma, to market him to the people of Imo State in recent times.

A typical example would be cyber stroll, to the Facebook wall of the team Hope Uzodinma 2021 signing, Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

Every post made by the young media handler, recruited to market Uzodinma’s image, seems to anger the people even more, as he is served bashing after bashing by his readers.

Even innocent posts from him, attract so much venom from readers, that one begins to wonder if he isn’t become a liability, instead of the asset he was hired to be.

But he’s not alone in the media bashing, as every other media marketer of the Imo govenror, is treated with the same venom by the people of Imo State.

The reason is simply about the manner Hope Uzodinma took over power in Imo State. As much as the people have tried, the whole idea still refuses to sit well with their conscience, leading to the massive rejection of the Omuma born politicain, and former senator.

More damning to Uzodinma’s bruised image, has been his handling of the security situation in the state.

His admission, that he invited the military to besiege Orlu, which led to casualties and untold hardship to the people, didn’t win him points, instead, his admittance to that fact, may have cost him his only sure source of reelection vote, and probably leaving him with the Ben Johnson option, if he hopes to return to Government House in 2023.

His silence to the killing of several Imolites by the security operatives he admittedly invited, haven’t helped his image.

Ever media attempt, to pin the blame on the opposition, by his media handlers have failed, as Imolites are not swayed in heaping the blames of the unrest in Imo State on Uzodinma.

The military blockades in the state, especially whenever Uzodinma is in the state, causing untold hardship on the people, and most times forcing people to use only one lane while driving, have not also helped in rebuilding Uzodinma’s image, rather it has even worsened it.

The New media section of the Imo State government, seems practically dead, with Nwaogwugwu struggling to keep it going as best as he can manage, despite the heavy resistance he keep getting from his readers, who are still trying to reconcile his former bashing of Senator Hope Uzodinma, and his sudden seemingly artificial love for him.

The commissioner for Information, Declan Emelumba have tried every media trick in his books, to salvage the image of his boss, including propaganda and fake endorsements, but Imo people seem to see through it all, and one start wondering why they even bother trying, as there seems to be nothing they can do, to win public opinion to Uzodinma’s favour.

The Senior Special Assistants have also been trying their best to project the government, but with little or no funding coming to them to get any meaningful job done, they are restricted to the few newspaper pages they can afford to publish on.

The little Goodwill Uzodinma had been getting with his urban development projects, when he came into power, had all been lost following the recent security situation in the state.

At the moment, construction work seems to have come to a halt in the state, causing more hardship to the people, and painting Uzodinma’s image in more bad light.

As much as Nwaogwugwu and Emelumba, are doing their best to project a product that has already failed in the eyes of the people, they may have just realised that they are doing the most difficult work in Imo State.

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