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Nigeria is stuck, citizens reduced to mere spectators – Rochas Okorocha


ABUJA – Former Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha has lamented that the country is not making progress because those in authority have refused to do the right thing.

Senator Okorocha

He also said that Nigerians have being turned to mere spectators as “the economic situation is the country has continued to nose-dive because it does not allow for participation from Youths who are the most significant sector of the economy.”

The Senator Representing Imo West said this at the Unity House, Abuja when he hosted a group of Professionals from Calabar led by Dr. Don-Clems Ename.

The lawmaker said, “All is not well with our nation. Every Nigerian is concerned; we want peace, security and good governance. It looks like it is far-fetched.”

He also decried the level of poverty among Nigerians, saying it is caused by the absence of leaders with vision.

“The difference between Nigeria and Dubai is idea; the difference between Nigeria and China is vision, the difference between you and Rochas is information, if you know what I know you will be where I am” “It is only in Nigeria that young men will wake up in the morning and loiter around without anything to do”

“Poverty in Nigeria is an apparent poverty which does not reflect any element of reality”

All we need is good vision and patience. We are passing through very difficult moments, so that Nigerian children can have a good sense of history of the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Comparing the situation in the country to a football game, the former governor said, “I always say it that the Nigerian system is like a football game setting, where you have twenty two people playing the match and the entire stadium is filled with people cheering and clapping for the players at the end of the match, the spectators go home while only the team that won the match and their coach take the medals, that is because it’s a dummy they sold to us through colonialism.

Speaking earlier, the leader of the group, Don-Clems Ename commended the Imo senator for his establishing the Rochas Foundation which he said has been giving scholarship to students.

“Selflessness is a virtue, to pay for children’s education, their medical bills for a family you may never know or meet shows that you must have a heart of gold, “ he disclosed.

Ename added, “You have battles to fight but don’t worry you have supporters that will go with you in this fight, you have been persecuted by people you have been nice to, God has ordained you to go through this experiences for a purpose”

“There was a beautiful Imo state under your watch, but today all we hear about Owerri is negative reports.”

The group further used the occasion to appeal to Senator Okorocha to help in the renovation of the University of Calabar Alumni Building and to ensure the take-off of the Rochas Foundation School.

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